My Knitting Basket

I have decided to try to keep my knitting blog updated more than this page.  If you’re interested, you can check it out HERE.

That is not to say I will never update this page…. just that I will pay more attention to writing knitting things over there.

9 August

I’m still not done with MissKaboom’s socks.  I took a break to work on something different.  I am only going to hint a bit at it for now and I’ll talk more about it later.  I have things to work out before I say much more.

I have been knitting baby bonnets in all kinds of sizes, from teeny-tiny (micro-preemie) to full-term size.  I will be donating these, so I guess this is charity knitting, even though there’s not an official charity I’m working with.  I will share pictures after a while.  I’m working out the best/fastest pattern to do these in.  I will also make little matching booties and some afghans to go with them.  I hope to have a good bit of this stuff “together” before September 10th.  When I do, I’ll be elaborating more.

29 July

Pair 5 casted on this morning.  Another pair of ankles socks, this time for MissKaboom.  I just turned the heal and picked up stitches for the gusset.

start pair 5 v.2

start pair 5

28 July

Pair 4 Finished

This isn't a very good photo.  I used my iSight camera, but I have other pics on my dslr

This isn't a very good photo. I used my iSight camera, but I have other pics on my dslr (and yes, that is dog hair. MissCreativity loved them and didn't want to take them off! And, yes. I need to sweep. All the time. The dog sheds like crazy.)

27 July

Pair 4: half finished!

I finished the first sock of a pair for MissCreativity (ankle socks, Chestnut Bay Fibers, custom dyed Green Bay Packers colorway.)

Making the 52PPIII even more worthwhile

SFS 2yrlogo

I have joined the group Socks For Soldiers. This is a group that has been around for a few years.  Their “sole” (pardon the pun!) mission is to provide handknit socks, both regulation socks for wear with uniform and “leisure socks”, for our military members.  When they send these socks overseas, they also include “care package” items.  Kim, the founder, has been very sweet and friendly.  She allows those who have loved ones in the military to knit their first socks, if they like, to their own soldiers, asking only that the group’s sock band be put on them and that we report how many we send for their record keeping.

Being part of this group has changed my “plan” for catching up and getting the 52 pairs done.  Because the regulation socks have a 12 inch leg, they will take longer than most of the socks I had planned to knit.  I hope to knit one regulation, then one leisure and a few child/infant size socks for my 52PP count (because they’re so fast.)  I figure if I alternate the socks I knit and knit some for them and then some for me, I’ll be able to get quite a few out for our soldiers.  I’m pretty excited to be a part of this group and hope to get started in a week or 2 (they require that the regulation socks be made from a selection of specific and approved yarns for quality control.)

I’ll keep you posted!

17 July

Pair 3 finished!

Pair 3, Preschool size ankle socks for TheBoy (he wears about a 7) in Packers colors. Chestnut Bay Fibers (find them on Etsy). Part of the Sport Team sock club.

Pair 3, Preschool size ankle socks for TheBoy (he wears about a 7) in Packers colors. Chestnut Bay Fibers (find them on Etsy). Part of the Sport Team sock club.

I also have a knitting injury!  I really thought that by now I would have a nice callous to protect me from the size 3 and under needles, but I don’t!  I don’t know why!  I have a little puncture/cut in my index finger of my left hand from moving the needles along. Those small tips are doing some damage.  hrmph!  Sometimes I have to put a bandaid on it, but I really hate having to do that.

Today I am casting on more Packers socks.  This time for MissCreativity.  She’s not really a football fan (YET.  We’ll get to her,) but since she’s basically forced to watch with us, I’m making her socks so she can join us in that, too! 😀

15 July

More Socks!

Here are some more socks:

color is so wrong in this, but they are cute anyway!

color is so wrong in this, but they are cute anyway!

almost, but not quite, done!

almost, but not quite, done!

25 June 2009


The first pair is finally finished. This picture shows the colors closely, but not quite accurately. It really is a rich, beautiful color way.

Pair 1p2

52 PP III ~ Pair 1, Happy Feet yarn (color #11), basic ankle sock pattern (my own, plain, nothing special, but oh-so-comfy pattern)


My Chestnut Bay Sport Team Club yarn arrived!!!!! It is gorgeous! I have 5 hanks of Green Bay Packers colorway yarn and two skeins of traitor Cowboys colorway yarn and I also received a special treat from CBF: a newly dyed hank of sock yarn in a really lovely colorway, thought I don’t know the name of it! The color combination is lovely. It is bright, but not loud. There are so, so many colors that come together beautifully. Can’t wait to use it (after football socks, of course…. the NFL season will be starting before I know it!)

cbf order jun 09

"mystery" colorway

"mystery" colorway

Traitor colorway

gorgeous, isn't it?

gorgeous, isn't it?

15 June 2009

52 Pair Plunge

One sock complete.  It’s a start!

Happy Feet Yarn by Plymouth, color 11

Happy Feet Yarn by Plymouth, color 11

This pic is not showing true color.  It is much darker/deeper in real life

This pic is not showing true color. It is much darker/deeper in real life

The coloring in this pic is VERY close to the actual color

The coloring in this pic is VERY close to the actual color

I love how this sock fits.  It’s really comfy.  Snug, but not too tight.  Just right!

3 June 2009

Sleep Sacks

(Pictures to be added later…after I download them!) A few days ago, I finished up the sleep sack.  I love how it looks *in general*, but the sleeves turned out way too long, I was “off” a couple of rows in one area and misunderstood/didn’t properly read part of the instructions for the hand mitts and had to cut one of the mitts, rip it out and start again.  *sigh*  It’s alright, but it’s not what I had hoped for.  I  used KnitPicks “organic” cotton in ginger for the main and used  Bernat’s Cotton Tots in “natural” for the drawstring and the neck edging.  The contrast between the colors is lovely.

I decided that with the little bits of the KnitPicks yarn and the rest of the Cotton Tots, I could make a hat to match.  The hat is lovely!  I just kind of winged it, not using a pattern and just following the ideas that are already in my head (from previous hats made) but making a totally new hat in the process.  I had to make a couple of “on the fly” adjustments at the end so that the decreasing at the top would work out evenly.  I am much more pleased with the hat than the sack.

The sack really would have been better if it had been knit in the round (up to the arm holes) and the mitts could be made in one piece at the end of the sleeve.  True, making the mitts in one piece will mean they are more square than rounded, but I think that will be fine because it really won’t matter to the newborn it is intended for if it is square.  I have casted on another to be knit in the round. I’m using Cotton Tots of various colors to be knit in uneven stripes.  Because of the multiple colors, I thought that the birdseye pattern was unnecessary and am knitting it in stockinette stitch instead.  The colors are pretty “strong” but not really bright.  I am not sure that what I am envisioning in my mind is exactly what the end result will be, but I hope it will be close to my imagined sack.  If it is, I think that it will be quite cute.

I intend to only have TWO seams.  One at each shoulder ~ and those will be handled with a 3 needle bind off!  (I hate seams.)  The plan is to knit the sleeves on in the round.  I think the sleeves may be solid rather than striped and knit in a gender specific color (and shorter than the ones on the original!)  So, I guess I’m writing a pattern inspired by my experience with the one in the Pipsqueak Knits: 12 Deluxe QuickKnits for Your Baby & Toddler book. (this is a nice book, mind you.  I just think the sack needs improvement.  I am looking forward to trying more patterns from it.)



Inspired by my friend, KC, I have joined the 52 Pair PlungeIII sock knitting “knit-along” (KAL).  The rules are simple.  Knit (or crochet, if that’s what you do) 52 pairs of socks, any socks, baby, adult, child, (but no slippers, mocs, whatever) in a year.  And YES, WIP’s count!  There is a blog for it, but the KAL was announced ” through a ravelry group “52ppiii”.  I signed up there and was instructed to email a few things about myself for the KAL.  I thought it would be fun, especially since KC is on board, so I signed up, too.  As I told KC, if I “fail” then I’ll just be prepared for the KAL police to come and take me away or something!

(edited to add this bit from the ravely group page:)

The Challenge

  • Knit or crochet 52 pairs of socks in one calendar year (midnight 1 June 2009 – midnight May 31, 2010)
  • Socks may be any pattern, any yarn, any size (baby, child, adult) – leg warmers, knitted boots, slippers, etc. do not count because they are not socks! And yes WIP’s count!
  • Anatomy of a sock: Socks have 3 parts, toes, heels and cuff. Yoga socks, pedicure socks, and tube socks will not count for this years plunge.

Anyway, I thought it sounded fun and it will help me bust some stash… especially with the sock club I just joined that will be adding more sock yarn to said stash.  ( Baby Ull is great for socks, too! and as you know, I just got a bunch of it… and already had a bunch of it in my stash before that acquisition.)

Found Yarn!

I felt like I hit a jackpot yesterday!  When I cleaned out the closet under the stairs, I found a bag of Lion’s Wool Ease chunky in there!  WhooHoo!  I am not sure what I intended for it, but it appears that there is enough for an adult size sweater.

16 May 2009

Yesterday afternoon, after my previous update on this page, my doorbell rang. As I got up to answer the door, I looked through the window to see a brown truck driving away from my house. Hmmmm. What could it be? I really didn’t know. Yes, I did have a yarn order in, but I just put that in on the 12. I took free shipping. It was only the 15th. I thought that perhaps my husband had ordered something. Nope. It was the yarn I ordered from WoolyBaaBaa! It got here in three days! Amazing! I was so happy! I ordered 20 skeins of Baby Ull in white and one Dale pattern book. A second pattern book was sent along as a promotion. Yippee!

Now I’m resisting the temptation to start another project!

15 May 2009

Well, It’s been quite a while since I updated this!  The Pink undergown has been put on hold because it is not needed when I thought it would be.  It was meant to be part of a baptismal garment set and the baby it was meant for now has another garment.  Apparently, we miscommunicated, mom and I, and she went and bought one that she loves.  I certainly didn’t want her to give up something she loves because I was knitting this, so I put it on hold to work on other things.  I will get back to it eventually!  In my “group” there are lots of babies being born all the time.

Since then, I started a cable sweater and I’ve not figured out why the cables are screwy! (blue, Paton’s Merino)  The directions are correct (or should be).  I understand them.  I am doing them as directed and they are still not right.  I was adamant that I would NOT tear it apart and that I would NOT start over, but I cannot keep going.  I just can’t.  It’s too wrong.  I need to practice what i’m doing and see if i can figure out the issue.  Logically, it should work!  This is making me nuts.  But I’ll get it.  No wonder knitting staves off Alzheimer’s.  It definitely keeps your brain working!

UPDATE: I ripped out the sweater last night while we were watching 7 Pounds (I didn’t like it) and re-rolled the yarn. *sigh*

pipsqueakI’m also working on a sleep sack using KnitPicks Organic Cotton.  It comes in 4 colors… all natural colors, meaning the cotton grows in those colors, no dyes.  I first saw the pattern in a promo email from knitpicks, so I ordered the yarn and the pattern book (Pipsqueak Knits: 12 Deluxe QuickKnits for Your Baby & Toddler.)  I forgot that cotton, while a beautiful fiber, does not give like other fibers and it is a bit “harder” to knit with.  It is a most beautiful yarn, though.  I also do not understand why this was not knit in the round up until the sleeves.  Once I put one together as instructed, I will probably adapt the pattern for knitting in the round.  So far I love the look of the sleep sack I am knitting as much as I loved the pictures I’d seen of it before.

I also have on the needles a pair of short socks in Eggplant.  It is one of the washable wool sock yarns by KnitPicks.  I love this yarn.

dsc_3812The only other thing to report here (though I know I posted it elsewhere on my blog) is that I totally and completely SPLURGED on some custom dyed sock yarn.  For me, this was a big splurge.  I just don’t buy expensive yarn.  I will buy moderately priced yarn.  I will buy cheap yarn (some of it!) but I think this stuff is really expensive.  But I also know it is great yarn, having bought some on clearance before.   The yarn I bought was part of a Sport Team Sock Yarn Club by Chestnut Bay (look for them on etsy.)

DSCN0123Because we are NFL fans, I bought football yarn!  Packers and Cowboys. Because of the size of our family, I ended up buying 2 club memberships, and I had to add one extra custom hank.  I don’t even remember when to expect the yarn to start coming in, but it should be fairly soon.  Cuz, you know.  I needed more sock yarn!

Under Gown Edging ~ Pink

29 January 2009

Bottom edging for the "under gown" of a special garment.  About 1/4 - 1/3 done.  I'm writing my own pattern, using classic lace knitting patterns.  So far, I like it!

Bottom edging for the "under gown" of a special garment. About 1/4 - 1/3 done. I'm writing my own pattern, using classic lace knitting patterns. So far, I like it!

Knit Picks gift card order arrives!

23 January 2009


Finally, my order from Knit Picks arrived.  I purchased this yarn with a gift card I received from Chief for Christmas.  The order included:

10 hanks of Bare Lace Weight 100% Merino yarn (880 yards per hank.), 10 balls each of Palette 100% Merino, Fingering Weight in blue and pink, and 6 skeins of Wool of the Andes worsted weight wool. (2 each in a purple, pink and pale yellow color.)  Not overly impressed with Wool of the Andes.  It IS cheap, but it seems kind of scratchy.  I am going to use it and see if it actually softens up while knitting.  Wool does that sometimes.  As far as straight off the skein, I definitely prefer Paton’s Classic Merino for the touch factor.

I also got myself a little toy a couple of weeks ago… I call it:

Yarn on the Hoof:


Lace Takes Shape

19 January 2009

Lace, Taking Shape

Lace, Taking Shape

New Yarn and Needles

13 Jan 2009


Yummy 2-Ply and New Addi Needles for My Collection

Chief sent some knitting gift cards for Christmas this year.  This is a purchase I made with the one from Patternworks.  I love this yarn.  It’s a soft, squishy, washable 2 ply baby wool (lace weight).

I will go on record as saying that Patternworks has a dumb gift card system.  They ONLY snail mail an actual gift certificate.  Amazon, Knit Picks and many other places will e-mail a gift “card.”  This saves them money, it saves time, it even “saves” trees!  Not only does Patternworks snail mail traditional gift certificates, but it comes in a huge envelope.  In that envelope is a folder, the certificate and a catalog.  You know, because I don’t already have 4 of their catalogs around here.

I get that some people would prefer that they mail a physical certificate.  Amazon offers that, too.  But the option to have it sent via email is great.  I hope Patternworks decides to offer that in the future.  The near future.

Anyway… I have a special project on the needles with this lovely yarn. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can actually see the pattern come together!


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  1. A says:

    Your lace is amazing! Is it on double-pointed needles? Love, Me

  2. Staci Hager says:

    Hello! I see you have Green Bay Packers yarn. I went to Chestnut Fibers and could not find it. I am wondering how to order it? Thank you!

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