My Kids

A group shot:


Who’s Who:

Queen of Hearts, Milky White, SuperSoldier, The Mad Hatter, SoldierSon, and TheBoy (with my Mac!)

The Whole Gang (even the grandbaby is in this one!)

(L-R, B-F) SgtSoldierSon, MrsSoldierSon, TheQueenofHearts, TheMadHatter, SuperSoldier, TheBoy, MilkyWhite. Photo taken on 29 Nov 2009.

SgtSoldierSon – Son, soldier, homeschool grad, born 1985.  Married Oct 2009, first child on the way

MrsSoldierSon– First Daughter-in-Law, Born July 1985, Californian.  Sweet girl!

SuperSoldier – Son, Active Duty  in the US Army , homeschool grad, born 1987, loves the hooah! stuff!  Currently deployed.  Please pray for him!

The Queen of Hearts – Daughter, loves theater working 11th/12th grade in the 09/10 year, born 1993

The Mad Hatter – Daughter, everything is felt, thought and done with great passion, loves theater (musicals are her fave) 8th grade, born 1996

Milky White – Daughter, artistic to the core, sings, dances, theater lover ,6th grade, born 1998

TheBoy – Son, preschooler, answer to years of prayer and heartache, just an amazing kid, born 2006

Gariníon – So sweet and so beautiful! Little girl (6lb12oz at birth)!!  Born 12 May 2010!

This is our first grandchild!  Isn’t she beautiful?  Born 12 May 2010

And yes, Mrs.SgtSoldierSon does look like she could be my blood daughter.  I think that’s great because that’s how I love her!

I am most blessed among women!

I recently received an email from CarKiller my second born. He thought I needed to make some changes around here….

First, his name: He wants to distance himself from his CarKilling days. He requested a new name: SuperSoldier. done.

I also needed to update his status to “in the Army.” done.

He also thinks I need a picture of him, just him, alone, on here because, as he says, he’s “my favorite.”

Well, whatever the reason, here you go, son. Done.