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Lapbook and Birthday pics

I mentioned earlier that I had an idea for a craft for today, but when I went to the store, I completely forgot about it, so it will wait until next week.  We did do the lapbook, though!  I wanted … Continue reading

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St Therese and the Month of the Holy Rosary

Today we celebrate the Memorial of St Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower and we also begin the Month of the Holy Rosary. TheBoy made some “lapbooks” today.  One about St Therese and one for the Joyful Mysteries of the … Continue reading

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Time to get it together

Yeah. It’s definitely time. Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home!

TheBoy and I are back home. It is so nice to be back, but I already miss our other kids and that beautiful grandbaby. Continue reading

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Mom vs. The Playground

Well!  The playground wins! Fourth of July fireworks is a dad-and-kids activity/event at our house.  Dad takes the kids out to see the fireworks while mom stays home. For months, TheBoy has been talking about seeing fireworks (though I doubt … Continue reading

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Separation Anxiety

I am stumped.  I need help, but I need specific help. The boy, 4 ½, is very, very attached to me.  Very.  Now, I am not talking about the difficulty he had while I was gone for a week.  I … Continue reading

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[Insert Creative Title Here]

I cannot tell you how much I love being here and loving on that sweet, sweet granddaughter of mine!  In the early hours of the morning, when Gariníon wakes to feed and then either doesn’t want to sleep quite yet … Continue reading

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I am Totally Stealing this Idea

Yasher posted some pictures on her blog today.  They are pictures taken by her daughter, Weeb.  Weeb is the same age as TheBoy.  Yasher has the good taste and good sense to NOT upload a gazillion photos.  I do not. … Continue reading

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I am a Blessed Mom!!!

I had a lovely Mother’s Day!  The only thing missing was 3 kids and a grandbaby! It started with my first gifts on Friday and Saturday (the pressure canner from SuperSoldier on Friday, flowers from SuperSoldier on Saturday and a … Continue reading

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Pictures, Photos, Images Galore!

(Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter.  The 24th is the day (in other years) that we celebrate St Mark the Evangelist. HERE is a coloring page of the Lion symbol of St Mark.Waltzing Matilda has a coloring page, too. … Continue reading

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“…you like your computer, huh?” Out of the mouths of babes!  Ouch!  TheBoy said this to me last night when I sat down next to him, with my computer, so that we could do a video chat with CarKiller.  Obviously … Continue reading

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Pink Roses

Today after we dropped the girls at the theater, TheBoy and I stopped at the grocery store because I’d forgotten to buy dishwasher detergent.  Our grocery store is promoting their roses right now.  TheBoy saw a bucket full of roses … Continue reading

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D – O – Y

Do you know what that spells? It spells: (Can I go) swimming? (Can I have a) snack? (Can I watch) Max and Ruby? (Can I play) outside? … and a host of other things!  TheBoy is so funny!  He loves … Continue reading

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