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Our second born (1987) he’s nutty about soldiering!

In his television debut

During the preseason, SuperSoldier went to a Packers game.  Food Network was there taping “Tailgate Warriors”.  SuperSoldier and 3 of his friends were so, um, vocal in their support of the Pack that the producers asked them to repeat their … Continue reading

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SuperSoldier’s Request

Since I published that sad picture of SuperSoldier bruised, swollen and helplessly lying in the hospital bed, he requested that I treat you to other photos of him.  Some of you may figure out which city he went to visit … Continue reading

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Back in the Barracks

SuperSoldier was discharged from the civilian hospital he’d been in, drove a few hours with his grandpa back to post, and was screened at the military hospital.  He is back in the barracks with a hefty prescription and massive headache. … Continue reading

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Update: Labor Day (v.1)

SuperSoldier was NOT discharged today.  They want to watch a couple of things, including that abdominal pain. *sigh*

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Update: 5 Sep (v.2), Good News!

His spleen is fine. They are releasing him tomorrow. (all things subject to change! LOL) THANK YOU for your prayers.  Really.

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SuperSoldier’s THIRD CT scan of his head showed no change.  This is good news. However, they are now very concerned about his spleen.  They are running blood tests and scanning him AGAIN to look for damage.  There are three ways … Continue reading

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Chief’s dad spoke with the neurosurgeon.  There is no brain bleed. There is a fracture and a concussion.  (right side) He is set to be released tomorrow.  They recommended a follow up in 2 weeks, so they must be very confident … Continue reading

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Please Pray for SuperSoldier

SuperSoldier is in the Trauma ICU.  Details are still sort of sketchy, but he was assaulted by someone (from behind), hit the ground and fractured his skull.  There is bleeding on his brain and out of his ears.  The plan, … Continue reading

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Fun on a Saturday Night

SuperSoldier went and saw the Packers in a preseason game last night.  He had a great time:

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A Happy Day!

Another busy day… another happy day! SuperSoldier is home.  Let the fun begin!

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Home Sweet Home!

TheBoy and I are back home. It is so nice to be back, but I already miss our other kids and that beautiful grandbaby. Continue reading

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The Return of…

… please come see! Continue reading

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A message for SuperSoldier

Here are the most basic highlights from today:

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Happy Birthday, SuperSoldier!

I love you and I miss you very much!  Stay safe.

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Pictures for SuperSoldier

There are also some pictures of the newest critter to come into our lives.  *sigh*  I’ve got an email in to the local Audubon Society.

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