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Our oldest son, born in 1985

some pictures to share

I know I said I’d be writing “more meaningful” posts in the future, but I’ve got nothing. When I get something, I’ll be here with that, but for now… pictures of (part of) the family! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to SgtSoldierSon and TheQueenofHearts! SSS is 25 today and QoH is 17 today!!  Where on earth did the time go? And SSS… with his daughter, of course! 🙂 I love you!

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Home Sweet Home!

TheBoy and I are back home. It is so nice to be back, but I already miss our other kids and that beautiful grandbaby. Continue reading

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Three Generations

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[Insert Creative Title Here]

I cannot tell you how much I love being here and loving on that sweet, sweet granddaughter of mine!  In the early hours of the morning, when Gariníon wakes to feed and then either doesn’t want to sleep quite yet … Continue reading

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Brain Spill 25 May 2010

Busy I am busy, busy, busy with packing, packing, packing!  Well, that and laundry, battery charging (3 cameras and an iPod, the phone is charged already)  trying to decide which knitting projects to bring (both on the plane and in … Continue reading

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My Boy is a Dad!!!!

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LABOR WATCH 12 MAY 2010!!!

It’s Time!!!!!! SgtSoldierSon just called (at 10:01 am CST)!!!    Mrs.SgtSoldierSon tried to call, but was hit with a ctx just as I was answering and it took all of her energy to focus and concentrate so she “threw” the phone … Continue reading

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I am a Blessed Mom!!!

I had a lovely Mother’s Day!  The only thing missing was 3 kids and a grandbaby! It started with my first gifts on Friday and Saturday (the pressure canner from SuperSoldier on Friday, flowers from SuperSoldier on Saturday and a … Continue reading

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BabyWatch May 2010

Let the stalking begin! Yesterday was the grandbaby’s “due” date.  /10 May Here is the report to date: Last week, Mrs.SgtSoldierSon was 90% effaced, almost no dilation. /ca. 5 May Mrs.SgtSoldierSon reports baby’s hb remains consistent @150bpm /ca.5 May Sunday, … Continue reading

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In Thanksgiving

Thanks be to God!!! And thanks be to you!  I cannot thank you enough for praying with me for my son’s situation!  He was given the official word today that he will not leave until next month.  Flights are generally … Continue reading

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Your Intercession Requested

I am asking you all to join me in prayer for SgtSoldierSon, MrsSgtSoldierSon and Grandbaby.  SgtSoldierSon’s unit is trying to deploy him before the baby is born.  It is a silly scenario, really, as this unit has already been in … Continue reading

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For Angela

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