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Posts about being a retired military family and a mom of 2 active duty soldiers.

Prayers, please

Please pray for “SillyBall”.  She went to training with SuperSoldier last year and was assigned to a post near us.  SuperSoldier brought her by when he was here last summer and she quickly became a part of the family.  She’s … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home!

TheBoy and I are back home. It is so nice to be back, but I already miss our other kids and that beautiful grandbaby. Continue reading

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The Return of…

… please come see! Continue reading

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Brain Spill 25 May 2010

Busy I am busy, busy, busy with packing, packing, packing!  Well, that and laundry, battery charging (3 cameras and an iPod, the phone is charged already)  trying to decide which knitting projects to bring (both on the plane and in … Continue reading

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Pictures For and From SuperSoldier

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In Thanksgiving

Thanks be to God!!! And thanks be to you!  I cannot thank you enough for praying with me for my son’s situation!  He was given the official word today that he will not leave until next month.  Flights are generally … Continue reading

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Your Intercession Requested

I am asking you all to join me in prayer for SgtSoldierSon, MrsSgtSoldierSon and Grandbaby.  SgtSoldierSon’s unit is trying to deploy him before the baby is born.  It is a silly scenario, really, as this unit has already been in … Continue reading

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For Angela

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Final Verdict

Well, the final verdict is in. SuperSoldier does, in fact, have a hip fracture.  It is fairly significant.  He has had it since the beginning of June! The doc he was seeing told him, “well, I’m going to have to … Continue reading

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Congrats to SoldierBoy!

Today was SoldierBoy’s promotion ceremony.  Here is photo from after the ceremony.  SoldierBoy (left) is with his best buddy, “Z” (right).  They have known each other since MOS training, went to the same first duty assignment, deployed together and are … Continue reading

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Shopping and SoldierBoy

I had a great Saturday!… I had a great day yesterday.  I went shopping.  Normally, I don’t like shopping.  I really don’t.  I have become much happier since internet shopping became available.  I can get things I need without having … Continue reading

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Just Checking In

There really isn’t a whole lot of anything (besides math) going on around here.   I already reported on the the new arrival in our group.  I did want to check in and mention what is happening “there.” CarKiller went … Continue reading

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Family Day Was Awesome!!

Family Day Was Awesome!! Family day was so totally awesome.  I am so happy that we got to spend so much time with CarKiller!  He looks good!  He looks so completely happy.  He looks great in his uniform.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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A Better Update

Well, the good news is that Holiday Inn is Mac ignorant.  The better news is that Mac can beat it.  We figured out how to get a proper connection on the system and this holiday inn does, in fact, have … Continue reading

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Father Tim Vakoc Passes Away

On 20 June 2009, Fr. Tim Vakoc passed away.  Fr. Tim was gravely injured by an IED while serving in Iraq in 2004. Fr. Tim was our pastor during a large part of our time in Heidelberg, Germany. He taught … Continue reading

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