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Camp “W”

Our homeschool group had it’s second “Camp W” last Friday.  We passed last time (we just don’t camp!) but decided it could be fun to go out for a few hours to play.  It was (we still didn’t camp!)  The … Continue reading

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For Karen…

A few shots for my friend, Karen, who is looking for a new camera. This is the 80, Karen! All on standard, auto settings.              

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Burdens and Books…

So much for my plans to spend more time on this blog again! I received a text from a friend last night asking if I was alright.  I’d been quiet lately.  Yes, I am well.  Trying to stay busy.  Wanting … Continue reading

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more superbowl memories…

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More Prayers for Marah

About a month ago, I asked you to pray for Marah who was scheduled to undergo surgery for her scoliosis. Her surgery was postponed and rescheduled for Tuesday, 12 October. The surgery is to begin at 0800 PST. Please pray … Continue reading

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Thank You, KC!

My friend, KC, totally rocks!

She came to Mass bearing gifts! 😀

(and there might be a little “trash talkin'” toward the end. just for TechBoy) Continue reading

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Let Us Pray

UPDATE: Rosario posted on her blog that Marah’s surgery was cancelled due to some complications in a surgery before hers.  They will reschedule as soon as possible. Thank you all for praying for Marah and her family.  Please continue to … Continue reading

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We Remember

Today we remember Matthew Karol Snow going home to Holy God.  We miss him. Please pray for John and Emily and their other kids.  Please stop by Em’s blog and offer her whatever comfort you can and assure her of … Continue reading

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Stop and Say a Prayer

and offer a word of encouragement for John and Emily.  Today is one year since Matthew Karol was born.  It was a beautiful, painful day. Please, please pray for them and let them know that you remember.  Let them know … Continue reading

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Chief, M. and Jeff Cavins

Chief and M.  really enjoyed their time and came back feeling refreshed from their short weekend away.  They got one picture with Jeff Cavins and here it is:

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Shopping and SoldierBoy

I had a great Saturday!… I had a great day yesterday.  I went shopping.  Normally, I don’t like shopping.  I really don’t.  I have become much happier since internet shopping became available.  I can get things I need without having … Continue reading

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Catching Up On Pictures

A few things I’ve been wanting to share: Looks yummy… but it’s not.  I messed up these cookies by putting too much butter in them!  I don’t know what I was thinking… well, I do, but it’s too much to … Continue reading

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Coffee, Math and Our Cyber-Tutor

Yup.  It was the coffee. ……………….. I slept really well last night and only woke up once. ……………….. I will miss my constant companion, but a mom’s got to sleep!!!!  I suppose I can try some kind of tea instead … Continue reading

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The Assumption and “This and That”

Today, of course, is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.  Here is part of what I posted last year: I’ve been looking for printables and activities for my own kids (well, at least one … Continue reading

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Mom Time, Part 2

I had such a great time going to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with KC and D last night!  I enjoyed the movie (but you know, you have to do that, “this is the movie, that is … Continue reading

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