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Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!

It’s been a busy time around here! For the past couple of months I’ve been knee-deep in sewing costumes for the “Children’s Choir” in our local theater’s production of The Sound of Music.  That has “morphed” in my being the … Continue reading

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Preseason is here! TheMadHatter suggested we have eggs for dinner… THESE eggs: We are ready for the game! GO, PACK, GO!   P.S.  It stayed under 100° today!!! w00t!  It only got to about 95° 🙂

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more superbowl memories…

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

  Because I know you’re dying to see what was on my tv last night, here are some pictures of my screen: And for all of my Steelers fan friends: It was a great game.  Pittsburgh made the Pack earn … Continue reading

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GO, PACK, GO!!!!

Here we go!!!!  w00t!  

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And we have another…

Going on 3 weeks ago now, our cat, Spidey, brought home a girl. He brought her in through a window. TheQueenofHearts was in on it and kept her hidden in her room for nearly 2 weeks! Silly girl! Of course, … Continue reading

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God bless Nick Collins!

And the rest of the Packers! w00t! We’re going to the Playoffs!

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