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Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!

It’s been a busy time around here! For the past couple of months I’ve been knee-deep in sewing costumes for the “Children’s Choir” in our local theater’s production of The Sound of Music.  That has “morphed” in my being the … Continue reading

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Preseason is here! TheMadHatter suggested we have eggs for dinner… THESE eggs: We are ready for the game! GO, PACK, GO!   P.S.  It stayed under 100° today!!! w00t!  It only got to about 95° 🙂

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more superbowl memories…

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

  Because I know you’re dying to see what was on my tv last night, here are some pictures of my screen: And for all of my Steelers fan friends: It was a great game.  Pittsburgh made the Pack earn … Continue reading

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GO, PACK, GO!!!!

Here we go!!!!  w00t!  

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And we have another…

Going on 3 weeks ago now, our cat, Spidey, brought home a girl. He brought her in through a window. TheQueenofHearts was in on it and kept her hidden in her room for nearly 2 weeks! Silly girl! Of course, … Continue reading

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God bless Nick Collins!

And the rest of the Packers! w00t! We’re going to the Playoffs!

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Happy Birthday, Chief!

On this date in 1962 – Cuban missile crisis: Adlai Stevenson shows photos at the UN proving Soviet missiles are installed in Cuba. Uganda joins the United Nations. Nelson Mandela is sentenced to five years in prison. Chief was born in Stuttgart, Germany! Happy Birthday, hun!! One thing that Chief said … Continue reading

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In his television debut

During the preseason, SuperSoldier went to a Packers game.  Food Network was there taping “Tailgate Warriors”.  SuperSoldier and 3 of his friends were so, um, vocal in their support of the Pack that the producers asked them to repeat their … Continue reading

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Thank You, KC!

My friend, KC, totally rocks!

She came to Mass bearing gifts! 😀

(and there might be a little “trash talkin'” toward the end. just for TechBoy) Continue reading

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That’s Just What I Said!

Packers unanimously picked to reach Super Bowl XLV The NFL Season begins today. ************************************ Oh, one more thing:  I found a tshirt I would love to have: This shirt can be found at love it!

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Fun on a Saturday Night

SuperSoldier went and saw the Packers in a preseason game last night.  He had a great time:

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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 90)

~1~ Last year, we decided not to get the NFL package.  We also decided that if we weren’t going to have Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket, then we might as well change to cable. We hated it. We hated cable.  We hated … Continue reading

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