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Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!

It’s been a busy time around here! For the past couple of months I’ve been knee-deep in sewing costumes for the “Children’s Choir” in our local theater’s production of The Sound of Music.  That has “morphed” in my being the … Continue reading

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The Annual (or is it Perpetual?) “Great Book Shift”

It’s that time again.  Time for the “Great Book Shift”.  It’s time to pack up the books we wont’ be using and pull out the ones we need for another year.  This event is coinciding with a front room change.  … Continue reading

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I Want To…

I want to.  I really do.  I miss my blog.  I miss your blog.  I really want to get back to them.  It’s just so hard! Life if going about at a whirlwind pace, but I think it’s more my … Continue reading

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Burdens and Books…

So much for my plans to spend more time on this blog again! I received a text from a friend last night asking if I was alright.  I’d been quiet lately.  Yes, I am well.  Trying to stay busy.  Wanting … Continue reading

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And we have another…

Going on 3 weeks ago now, our cat, Spidey, brought home a girl. He brought her in through a window. TheQueenofHearts was in on it and kept her hidden in her room for nearly 2 weeks! Silly girl! Of course, … Continue reading

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September Brain Spill

My brain has spilled out again!!! Continue reading

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Brain Spill for August

my brain is leaking! my brain is leaking! 🙂 come see what’s on my mind. Continue reading

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That Wore Me Out! A Brain Spill…

Yesterday really took it out of me!  We left the house for the chiropractor a little after 8am and didn’t get home until after 2:30pm.  When we got home, I had to put some chicken in the oven, do some … Continue reading

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Brain Spill 25 May 2010

Busy I am busy, busy, busy with packing, packing, packing!  Well, that and laundry, battery charging (3 cameras and an iPod, the phone is charged already)  trying to decide which knitting projects to bring (both on the plane and in … Continue reading

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April Brain Spill

Last Friday (Good Friday) I met a milestone:  it was my 3 year blogiversary!  This was obviously not notable in comparison to remembering and entering into the Passion of the Lord, but I also didn’t want it so slip by … Continue reading

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March Brain Spill

St Joseph Coloring Page 1 St Joseph Coloring Page 2 Yesterday, I had meatloaf planned for dinner.  Unfortunately, the meat didn’t thaw in time, so I needed substitution.  On those nights, I find that  a good,  quick substitute is scrambled … Continue reading

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Brain Spill

Mac’s appt was cancelled.  We’ll reschedule as soon as we can. Today is Chief’s birthday! Happy, happy birthday, Chief!  Wow.  47.  And a grandpa! The Packers are playing at noon, so if we can tune it in, we’ll watch that … Continue reading

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