some pictures to share

I have some pictures to share of SgtSS, Mrs.SgtSS, and Gariníon!  My son sent them over the net while we were having a lovely video chat.  Gariníon was much more interested in that person on the screen than she has been in the past.  She was talking up a storm (well, you know, as an 8 month old!) and so, so smiley and happy. Oh, I just love her! Her bottom 2 teeth have just come in, so hopefully in a few weeks we can have a toothy grin photo!


This present stuff is cool, but I like grandma's hat best!

Real American Hero!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

whoa! look at all of this stuff!!! (grandma's hat is still the best.)


Look at the really neat hair bow hangers that my daughter in law makes!

Aren’t those neat?  She is selling them.  When I get a link to her online shop, I will share it with you.  Even though they are designed for hairbows, I think they can easily be adapted for use in the kitchen.  I imagine it to be a good place to hang appointment cards, coupons, recipes, pictures, whatever!  She does custom orders and I’ll be placing one!


I know I said I’d be writing “more meaningful” posts in the future, but I’ve got nothing.  When I get something, I’ll be here, but for now… pictures of (part of) the family!



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13 Responses to some pictures to share

  1. MimiDenise says:

    I like the hat best too! Wasn’t yesterday a lovely “Spring-like” day? sigh.

  2. Adele Todd says:

    You need to be sure I get the link for the lovely hangers! The flipflop “thing” is HUGE out here near the coast where beach house dwellers even put the stickers on the back of their cars. There is a jewelry store up the road that buys tons of stuff from a friend of mine who makes earrings, etc…They love stuff for the little girls who accompany Mommy into the store. Maybe I could take flipflop stuff for your beautiful d-i-l there and see what happens….One never knows. The baby is so gorgeous!!! Handsome soldier Daddy looks like a poster for Pete’s sake.

  3. More meaningful than happy, healthy grandbaby? 🙂 She is such a chunky cutie!

  4. Therese says:

    she is growing up so fast. I cannot believe she is 8 months old already. Joseph will be a year old a week from Monday. It has gone way too fast.

  5. Yasher says:

    *waves* Nothing meaningful to add, just wanted to send hellos and well wishes to you and yours. 🙂

  6. Elaine says:

    What a beautiful baby! She does look a lot like daddy. 🙂 I love looking at pictures of your beautiful and growing family.

  7. Sarah Oldham says:

    The knit santa hat is lovely! The babe wearing it is just beyond adorable!!! Those hair bow holders are very cool. I would get one for my kitchen, because my girl is all grown and I could use something fun like that to put business cards on as well (rather than strewn about in a drawer or my handbag).

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