7 Quick Takes (Vol 113)


The “Wow, I haven’t done this in a long time!” Edition

1)  I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  I think I’m nearly finished,  I’ll write a whole blog entry about it after I’m finished.  I will say that it is a very powerful book and one that I will have to read again.  I mean it will be necessary!

2) As I’m sure you know, I’m super stoked about the Packers winning the NFC Championship!  Superbowl XLV, here we come!  Though it is being played in Dallas, I am happily staying home to watch.  I’ve been to one Packers game (in Dallas!) and I am glad to be able to say I’ve gone, but watching at home is much better!  Better food, better seats, better weather.  I can rewind, pause and get replays.  And it’s FREE.  Yup.  I’m staying home.

3) You may also guess that I’m feeling rather sad that the season is over.  It’s always a letdown to me when the Superbowl comes because I realize that after this I have to wait for months to see some NFL football!

4) I downloaded a free copy of Funnix reading program.  It is written by the same author of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons ~ the first book I use when teaching reading (I move to Sound Beginnings, a program based on the Spalding Method, after we do about ⅔ – ¾ of 100 Lessons.)  So far, I can see that there are some differences between Funnix and 100 Easy Lessons in the order that the letters and sounds are taught, but the approach and method are the same.  TheBoy loves it.  I love it.  AND IT’S FREE ($250 value) through 31 January 2011.  You can check it out HERE

(Be sure to download the teacher’s manual and workbook if you decide to try this!) ETA:  It just occurred to me that it might be important to mention that I get nothing for this endorsement ~no compensation, no commission.  As a matter of fact, except for the fact that I registered, they wouldn’t know I existed.  I get nothing but the satisfaction of sharing something that we really like.  I really like this and FREE is really great!

5)  I have been enjoying A Story of a Soul (audiobook.)  I think I’m getting even more out of it than in my previous reads.  St Therese was a (spiritual) Beast!  Next will be I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux This is one of my favorite books ever.

6) I had to face it. It is time.  I really scr*wed myself over.  When I went to Tahoe in December ’09, I jumped off of my low carb wagon.  That may have even been reasonable… it was a little “vacation”.  What was not reasonable was that I didn’t get back on it.  Up to that point, I’d lost about 35 lbs (in less than 3 months).  I gained it back ~ and then some.  *sigh*  If I’d have kept with it, I’d probably be at or near “goal” and so much healthier (and thinner.)  I wasted a year.  I got back on the wagon in January.  Next year I hope that I can report that I stuck with it and I’m near goal.

7) I’m tired of this winter weather.  I know, we haven’t 25 feet of snow and it’s not -22°F… but it’s Texas.  Come on, spring!!!!

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9 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol 113)

  1. MimiDenise says:

    I can really relate with nos 6 & 7! I went off diet and gained 8 lbs back. It is frustrating to work so hard to get 20 lbs down and then have it come back on so easily!! I am back on track and 3 lbs down. sigh. It is so hard! I also am bummed about cold weather. I hate it! I want Spring so badly I can taste it!

  2. Debbie says:

    I need to get on a low carb diet… We still have Christmas food here … I need to start skipping it.

    • If you are really interested/considering it, I would suggest you read (or re-read) a good book on it. Atkins, Protein Power (the original is better than the “Life Plan”, imo) Winging it doesn’t seem to work as well as planning it, I think. I also plan to read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “Why We Get Fat”.

  3. Sarah Oldham says:

    I stay the same weight because I don’t do anything much about it. I want to lose 30 pounds so I’m back to 130 (not my “ideal” weight according to my height, but I’m not 19 any more, either!). I’ve begun walking each night and I’m not buying nibbles (chocolates etc. that I walk by and eat one now, again, again, again, again . . . ). I’ve cut back my portions and eat slower . . . I stop before I’m “stuffed”.

    I do not weigh myself yet – it’s too soon. I know what I was when I went to the doc early January (164 according to them). I think my scale is bonkers so I need to replace the battery before I “dance” on it anyway.

    I’m motivated by my dad’s recent scare (and previous two heart attacks) . . . plus, I’m too young to “give up” you know?

    You can do it! Big hugs and Aloha!

  4. SuperSoldier says:

    Dear Ma,
    You rock.
    Love, Me.

  5. Therese says:

    I picked out the Story of a Soul to put on my bedside table last night. It is one of the books I can read over and over and still get something new from it.

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