In his television debut

During the preseason, SuperSoldier went to a Packers game.  Food Network was there taping “Tailgate Warriors”.  SuperSoldier and 3 of his friends were so, um, vocal in their support of the Pack that the producers asked them to repeat their “Go Pack! Go!” chant for use on the show.  I saw the show last night (i set it up to record right away back in August.)  SuperSoldier and his friends can be spotted for a second here and a second there throughout the show, but they were the center of attention right at the beginning of (and maybe once during) the show.  Here is a still of my television:

(supersoldier is second from the left.
we have to get that boy a packers shirt!)

Here’s a youtube video my friend, Cathy, found

No autographs, please! 😉


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15 Responses to In his television debut

  1. He totally needs a Packer shirt! It’ll help keep him warm under his Cowboys shirt! 🙂 Sorry… couldn’t resist!

  2. Sarah Oldham says:

    Wonderful fun for them! Yes, get him a shirt. Charlotte’s funny! 😉 We are more college teams here in this house (Iowa Hawkeyes, specifically) so we don’t get too “funny” about NFL etc. 😉

  3. KC says:

    That’s awesome! I watched the end of that show last night. Shucks!

  4. snowbabies says:

    Oh very cool!!! Yes, he NEEDS a shirt!! I know he had fun!
    I’ve missed you! This week didn’t work to have coffee, how about next week?? My stash is still pretty good !

  5. Michelle says:

    Too cool! Even if it is the wrong team he is rooting for! (tah hee hee)

  6. SuperSoldier says:

    Let me be the first to let you all know.. I Love my white T-shirts. Love em! They do a great job showing off my Physique.

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