7 Quick Takes (Vol. 100)


Today marks the 100th Quick Takes! (not mine… Jennifer’s!)

1)  Looking ahead through the month of November, I see there are a lot of Saints I’d like to teach the boy about by making lapbooks.  There are too many.  We just can’t do them all.  Here is the list I am considering (and these not all of the celebrations on the current calendar ~ there are more!)

15 October      St Teresa of Avila
16 October     St Margaret Mary
18 October     St Luke
19 October     St Paul of the Cross
23 October     St John Capistrano
28 October     Sts Simon and Jude
1 November    All Saints
2 November   All Souls
3 November   St Martin de Porres
4 November   St charles Borromeo
10 November  Pope St. Leo the Great
11 November  St Martin of Tours
15 November  St Albert the Great
16 November  St Margaret of Scotland and St Gertrude
17 November  St Elizabeth of Hungary
22 November  St Cecelia
24 November  Sts Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions
30 November  St Andrew

I’m not sure how I’m going to decide in the end.  It should be fun.  I just need to keep the list around so that I can go back and next year do the ones we haven’t done yet.

2)  One of my fathers-in law is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.  He has cancer in his throat/neck.  This week, he did his second round of chemo and his first radiation session.  His cancer is stage 3, but he has a very good prognosis.  This is a very treatable cancer, but the treatment is, of course, awful.  Because of the location of his cancer, he will be on a liquid diet and may need a PEG (feeding) tube.  He has diabetes which is an additional challenge regarding the feeding issues ~ keeping his sugars level will be much more difficult if he can’t eat.  Please keep him and my mother-in-law in your prayers.  He should finish up his treatment just before Christmas.

3)  Speaking of my mother-in-law… she surprised me last night!  Chief took TheQoH to dance last night and when he came home, he walked in with a large box that was left on our porch.  I hadn’t ordered anything.  I wondered if he did… he handn’t either.  Then I saw the return label.  Ah-ha!  I know that company.  I know who likes to send things to me occasionally from that company!  I just knew it was a lovely piece of Polish pottery sent by my mother-in-law!  Even in the midst of all she is going through, she is so thoughtful!  It’s not even my birthday! 🙂

4) A friend introduced me to “My Catholic Faith Delivered”  ~ an online catechism class.  Now that another friend mailed TheMadHatter’s religion books back, I’m going to sign up for their free sample (the complete lesson number one.)  TMH is using the Didache Series, Introduction to Catholicism.  Milky White is using Faith and Life, grade 7.  The prices are not too bad for these courses, so it may be a worthwhile investment.  Karen seemed pleased with the program after doing the sample lessons.  Maybe we will be, too.  Edited to add:  NUTS!  They only have 3 of the 4 in the Didache Series. Guess which one they don’t have?  Yeah.  Intro.  Nuts.

5)  Another course we’ve enrolled THM in is a Catholic online Biology course.  I like this course because while it presents all in the context of the Catholic world view, it is thorough and it does not teach an exclusive “young earth” philosophy that so many other Christian science programs seem to do.  It is more balanced than that.

I am pleased with the content thus far, but the way it works is a little glitchy.  As the course continues, I’ll have a better idea about whether or not I’d recommend it to others.  In the meantime, you can check it out for yourself.

6)  Today I am FINALLY going to start a bit of Christmas shopping.  I feel so behind!  If I get organized and get moving, it’ll be fine.  My goal, even though I started late, is to still be done with shopping and wrapping before the beginning of Advent (which is 28 November this year.)

7)  One last thing I want to mention, because I am feeling rather proud of myself, is that I made a menu and did all of my shopping according to that menu!  Now I know this is nothing amazing.  I spent years and years doing this routinely.  And then I stopped.  It’s so hard to get back into the habit.

Wednesday I went to the local (civilian) grocery store and got all of our non-chicken meats and a few other things that are a better deal or that I can get only there.  (I buy my chicken at the commissary.  It is so much cheaper.  I purchased whole chickens for $0.61/lb!)    Yesterday I went to the commissary and filled 3 shopping carts.  I’m set (except for fresh produce and milk) for the next two weeks!  I’m set a bit longer than that on coffee.  It was still on sale….

It feels good to have a plan again!

I have a bonus Quick Take!!! I have been forgetting to share the good news with you!!!  At the final meeting with TheMadHatter’s chiropractor, I learned that she has a 10° correction to her scoliosis!  Ten degrees in about 3 months of treatment!  While she has the potential to achieve more correction, we simply can’t continue going so far so many times a week (not to mention the cost! To continue would cost us about $1,000/month total.  Yeah. No.)  We will take her to the local chiropractor for some maintenance of the correction we did achieve, though.

You can see more 7 Quick Takes by heading over to Jen’s.  While you’re there, congratulate her on her 100th Quick Takes!


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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol. 100)

  1. snowbabies says:

    Ha! I thought of you at the commissary this week too as I loaded up my buggy with that ( your) coffee!! Come on over!
    Love the thoughtful gift. It is so uplifting to receive something ( thoughtful for “no reason”… like bday) It does something to the soul to lift us up. I am so happy she sent it to you. I will keep your FIL and MIL in my prayers.

  2. I love the lapbooks! Happy Birthday to all of your wonderful children, this is definitely a birthday month for you!

  3. mum6kids says:

    I’ll remember your FIL in my prayers.
    I’m amazed at what the chiropractor has managed to achieve. That’s brilliant. I am always amazed at how much help chiro has been for me. In the UK they don’t get much credit.
    Now must sort out something for the feast of St Teresa of Avila….

    • They don’t get much credit or respect in the US, either. I can’t help but wondering if it has anything to do with the “almighty dollar”… i mean if they don’t recommend it, if insurance doesn’t pay, then how do they get those kids in for quarter million dollar surgery?


      Thank you for praying for my FIL.

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