September Brain Spill

Well, here it is… my September Brain Spill.

My hero, SirGrape

It’s been quite a month.  As most of you know, SuperSoldier and some friends went out of town to enjoy their long Labor Day weekend in a city that is reported to be fun.  It didn’t turn out to be very fun for them.  I’ll stick to the “short version” here, as I have from the beginning:  SuperSoldier was heading back to his hotel and ended up getting assaulted from behind by some punk local.  We were told he was hit with a fist, but since then I’ve seen the back of his head.  There was a scab larger than a fifty-cents piece.  Surely this punk had something in his hand.  SuperSoldier hit the ground and when his head hit the pavement, it fractured his skull.  After he was on the ground, the three punks wanted to go at him some more, but my hero, SirGrape, stood at SuperSoldier’s feet and fought them off until they ran away.  SirGrape took quite a beating, what with 3 against 1.  Fortunately, he was not seriously injured, but was hurting pretty badly.

my poor boy

SuperSoldier was hospitalized for 4 days.  During that time two NCO’s and his grandpa stayed with him and took care of him ~ well, you know what I mean.  The doctors and the awesome nursing staff (except for that one) took great care of him.  SuperSoldier had 3 CT scans on his head and one on his abdomen.  Oy.  After he returned to his post, he was given about 10 days of convalescent leave and he returned to work on Monday the 20th.  But without a profile.  It seems the TMC can’t quite get their act together.  One of his NCO’s has taken up the cause and has already visited the clinic to get things straightened out.  On Tuesday, they put him “on quarters” for one more day.  He had to stay in his room except to go to chow and stop at the mail room.   They gave him just one more day because yesterday, SuperSoldier ha an appointment with a neurologist and an ENT.   He is very near deaf in his right ear due to his injuries.   He is also almost always dizzy or experiencing some sort of vertigo from the injury to his ear.  (“post traumatic vertigo” is probably what he has.)  He is not expected to recover much of his hearing, but he has sufficient hearing (mainly his other ear) to continue on active duty.  He was taken off of company PT and told he could do whatever PT he was comfortable with, on his own.  They were pretty impressed by how well and how quickly he is healing.

Here is some info on his Post-traumatic Vertigo

description of vertigo/hearing loss due to temporal bone fracture

Except for dizziness and the frustration of hearing loss, SuperSoldier is feeling pretty well.  His head pain is manageable without the opiates now.  I think most “normal” people might still be taking them, but he doesn’t want to be on drugs, so he stopped several days ago.


I am struggling with knowing what to do about a friend who really needs some guidance, but seems loathe to accept any.  If these things affected only her, I wouldn’t be so concerned, but they do not.  They affect her children as well.  She admitted (without the slightest hint of understanding that this is NOT a good thing) to some pretty neglectful things.  She has admitted similar things in the past and I have tried to gently correct her, but she clearly doesn’t get it.  I am praying for wisdom and guidance for this situation and I ask you to pray, too.


Wednesday was TheMadHatters last therapy session with the chiropractor!  On Friday she gets xrays and photos to see what progress has been made.  They had said something a while ago that implied that the xrays should have been done on 5 October, so I added some time for the times we had to miss appointments (and the week they were closed for their vacation) and I thought it would be much later, but apparently not!  I think they must have meant September 5 when they said October 5.  We will not continue to go down to that office, no matter what the results are, but we do plan to continue with maintenance with Chief’s chiropractor.  We are so looking forward to not making that awful trip 3 times a week anymore. We are definitely looking forward to the break to our budget.  Transportation costs alone ran about $150 a week!  Whew.  Just in time for Christmas shopping!

I am most looking forward to being able to have a “normal” family life.  One where our days are spent at home, schooling, cooking cleaning and not fussing, fretting and venting about never being home.

I know lots of people who do lots of things during the week because they must and they cope very well.  I do not cope well.  My kids don’t cope well.

I am excited to go back to being a “stay at home” mom who actually spends a good deal of her time at home.


Tuesday was a lot of fun.  I gave a first knitting lesson to a dear 5 year old girl.  The lesson lasted about 5 minutes.  Then she wanted to play with everyone else!  That’s alright. She actually seemed to be getting the hang of it almost immediately and we will do more lessons.


I can’t seem to catch a break on allergies this year!  There usually is a lull over the summer, but not this year.  I’m in the second bout of allergies that the meds I take can’t handle.  Usually after a few days, I’m back to “normal” (under the influence of meds, I mean) but still…. And this is all just in time for cedar season to begin.  Blech.


TheMadHatter asked if she could be in the confirmation class at our parish this year. She is to receive Confirmation next year and she thought it would be nice to be more of a part of the group.  Hmmm.  I’m not sure we can “get in” the classes at this point, but Chief and I are considering it.  It would be, of course, a supplement to what we are doing at home.


Lessons plans are still not complete.  I know the direction we’re going, so I can supply what is still not written down, but it is frustrating for all of us!!!  Argh!!!!  Next week, when I don’t have to do all of that driving, I will put more time into them and hopefully get the year knocked out.


I think I’ve mentioned in passing my “new daughter”.  There is a young soldier that SuperSoldier knew during his advanced training.  We met her earlier this summer while SuperSoldier was home.  She is a lovely young woman.  We just love her.  She spends time here with us and I’ve adopted her.  She was given a short notice assignment and will be off to training in less than two weeks (and she’s in the field for the next week… hrmph.  Her unit is not taking care of her) and then she will “TCS” to deploy with another unit for a few months.  Chief, through his work, heard that it is a few months, everyone back for R&R and then a few more months.  We’ll see.  She is to be a part of some task force and it seems to be a great opportunity for her as a soldier.  The unit she is in now is deploying early next year anyway, so either way she’s going.  I just love this girl and I’m going to miss her.

She needs a name here….  I’ll have to give that some thought.


That grandbaby is getting SO BIG.  Gariníon is more beautiful every day.  And what a chunk! 🙂  I really miss her ~ and her mom and dad, too!

She really, really, really looks like her daddy.  It’s amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  What a beautiful baby!


TheQueenofHearts is really enjoying her job.  She likes the work and loves having a regular income!  She has also started a dance class and is enjoying that.  Prior to the the short summer classes she took before these, she had not had any dance lessons since she was about 5!  Yesterday she came home with the great news that she was promoted to Junior company! Already! Yay!  I’m very happy for her and very proud of her.  There are some competitions coming up early next year.  It should be exciting.

I can’t believe that she is almost 17.  How does time go by so quickly?


MilkyWhite is doing really well in school this year.  We don’t really have any extra curricular activities going on now, thanks to the direction that the theater has taken for children’s theater this year.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing, though.  We’ll see.

Just like TheQueenofHearts and, apparently, TheMadHatter, she is doing much better with “Teaching Textbooks” math than she did with Saxon.  Much better.  And I have to say the I love, love, love that it grades and keeps records for me!!!  She gets immediate feedback on how she did (unlike when she relied on me to grade her work!)  She’s gotten all A’s so far.  Yippee!


TheBoy has not started his “school” yet.  I’ve just been too busy!  But I hope that in two weeks I’ll be able to get down to it.  He is showing signs of readiness, especially lately.  He loves to copy letters and numbers (his own idea, not mine) and he’s getting better and better at it.

I hope that is a sign pointing to an eager learner.

Hes pretty darn cute, too!!!


Chief is slugging along at work, doing fine.  It seems that finance is not keeping up with him, though!  He is meant to have gotten a raise effective last month, but there’s been no change to his check yet.  So not fair to a man who works so hard!

Speaking of working hard…. he’ll be installing another cooktop this weekend.  The fuse-thingies on the old one are shot.  Two of them sort of work, enough to boil water and such, but not properly.  The other two don’t work at all.  To replace them will cost more than half of the cost of a new (cheap) one, so we’re just going to replace it.  I’m glad he’s so handy.  Except with garage doors!  LOL, sorry hun.  I couldn’t resist. 🙂


I am praying very much for a family in a very difficult time.  Their 4th child, Owen, was born via csection last week at 28 weeks because his mom had pre-eclampsia/eclampsia and it was too dangerous for both of them to leave him in the womb.  He weighed only 1lb, 7 oz (small for 28 weeks) and is really struggling.  He is having difficulties with his heart and kidneys.  His poor parents are obviously distraught, but are also reliving a nightmare.  Their third child died 24 hours after birth due to GBS.

Please pray with me for Owen and his family.


I am feeling really badly this morning!  I woke to an email from SuperSoldier, telling me about a problem.   I sent some of those chernobyl beans I make and asked SuperSoldier to please give some to the two NCO’s who cared for him as a very small token of my thanks.  Turns out that one of those NCOs is a Muslim.   I had no idea.  The beans have pork sausage!!!!  I hope he knows (and asked SuperSoldier to assure him) that I would not do something like that intentionally and that I really didn’t mean to offend him.  Oy.  Today, I will create an alternate version, without any pork, and can them and send them off.


Finally, I will be a part of a “blog book tour” tomorrow.  I will review the book, Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life. The publisher provided me with a printout of the book at no charge.  Not an actual book, but copies of the full contents. This will not affect my review at all. I am much more obligated to you and to honesty than to the publisher or authors.

And now that my brain has been relieved of some of the pressure from some of the things running around in it, I am done!


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11 Responses to September Brain Spill

  1. MimiDenise says:

    Your brain holds a LOT! The theme seems to be: PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

  2. KC says:

    Way to go QueenofHearts! And, oh, yes, TheBoy is pretty darn cute! Prayers for all.

  3. Therese says:

    What a month! Glad your son is Ok! I am doing the blog tour too… My day is next week!

  4. MamaMidwife says:

    Wow!! What a spill! Glad you could get that all out.

    I am soooo happy to hear that SuperSoldier is healing well. It is unfortunate about his hearing though. I am glad he can stay on active duty at work. SirGrape sounds like such an awesome guy!! I am glad your boy has a friend like that.

    You’ve got me wanting to check out the Teaaching Textbooks for my boy. Math is a struggle around here that we don’t enjoy (and I LOVE math – it was always my favorite!).

    Chin up. I will keep baby Owen and his family in my prayers.

    Oh! And that chunky grandbaby of yours is sooooo cute! I think she looks a lot like you too!

  5. Michelle says:

    You sure are a very busy wife and mother! Glad to hear SS is doing better, will continue to pray for him and the rest of your prayer requests. Good to hear from you and your “spill” was much enjoyed! God bless!

  6. Lisa Sweet says:

    I can’t believe the attack on SuperSoldier. How horrific! I am glad he is healing.
    You are a busy woman!
    God bless.

  7. mum6kids says:

    Lot’s of prayers.
    I love the chunky grandbaby; truly lovely.

    On the pork – lol. I had a muslim friend who was an interpreter for British Sign Language. He went to a school for Deaf pupils to do some work and at lunch time went to the canteen and asked what halal or veg meals they had.
    The staff pointed to a dish and declared it was “halal pork!” ROFL.

  8. I am so sorry to hear of the attack on your son. I will put your son on my prayer list. You have a wonderful attitude, hang in there! I completely understand about staying at home, this week has been very busy for us, and although fun, it was exhausting to all family members.

  9. Yasher says:

    What a month! Continued best wishes for your son in recovering from his injuries. And best wishes to you! Hoping the world slows down a little bit and you get a chance to catch your breath! Thinking of you. 🙂

  10. Dawn Farias says:

    Wow! Your brain spilled out a whole lot! Your family and intentions will be in my prayers, friend.

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