7 Quick Takes (Vol. 96)


I haven’t done a Quick Takes since July!

1.  SuperSoldier is still more than miserable.  He’s going for an ultrasound today.  I’m not sure what they’re checking.  The phone kept breaking up.  I guess I’ll find out later.

2. Last weekend, I lost 4 days that I planned to use for getting my lesson plans together.  Unless there’s some sort of miracle over this weekend, I’m thinking I won’t be done by Monday.

3. The flooding here was terrible.  There was one death and a mobile home park, that is walking distance from my house, was destroyed.  All of those people are displaced.  It’s just awful.

4.  We’re supposed to go down to the chiropractor’s office this morning.  The flooding kept us from going on Wednesday and they were closed Monday, so it’s been a week since she’s been for her treatment.  I hope there are no more problems with flooding between here and there.  There shouldn’t be, but I worry anyway.

5.  The next week or so should be pretty yucky weather wise.  And the pollen count is high again.

From Rusty Garrett (weather guy):

The days ahead will see temperatures pushing back into the middle 90’s during peak heating hours. As the heat “cooks” the massive amount of moisture from the ground, the humidity will soar.

This process will create very uncomfortable heat index values at or above 100 degrees daily! Above normal temperatures are expected through the weekend and for most of next week. Rain chances will remain generally BELOW 20%!

6.  In addition to lesson plans, I need time over the next few day to bake cookies and to can beans.  I need to send another care package.  When I asked SSG M (who was taking care of SuperSoldier while he was in the hospital out of town) to please allow me to cover the hotel and food expenses he incurred while he was down at the hospital, he refused.  So did SGT A.  But SSG M did mention that he wouldn’t mind some more of those beans I sent while they were deployed. 😀  It seems such a poor thank you, but at least its something!

7.  Today is “baby day” at our house.  It is the day we remember and celebrate all of our babies lost before birth.  Mary Clare would have been 9 today.  We’ll go to the cemetery and hopefully have cake.  As I was about to publish this, a very lovely woman, whom I haven’t spoken to for a while sent me an email.   She remembered.  Wow.

And a bonus….  It’s always a good day when the Vikings lose.  (Sorry, Tami! 😉 ) Gotta think about the playoffs on opening day!

12 > 4

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol. 96)

  1. Theresa Messner says:

    Thinking of you and your family today!

  2. MimiDenise says:

    …and the beat goes on…

  3. Visiting from the Conversion Diary, and thinking about your Mary Clare and all of your little saints. A Person is a Person no matter how small…I lost my Aubrey Rose at 9 weeks 23 years ago this month, she was my only pregnancy. I thank God every day for my two little girls. They are living proof God does answer prayers.

    • Mary, thank you for taking the time to say hello. I will be thinking of you and Aubrey Rose (beautiful name!) this month.

      Your girls are just beautiful. TheBoy (my 4 year old) thinks so, too!

      God bless!

  4. KC says:

    I’m sorry to hear about those poor people displaced by this storm. It came as such a surprise to us.

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