Brain Spill for August

It’s been pretty crazy around here.  It’s all a good crazy, though!

My girls with a couple of
Emily’s girls after a show last weekend!

The girls are constantly busy (which means we are constantly driving.)  Last night was close and strike for Beauty and the Beast (whew!)  During the course of the show, TheMadHatter twisted her ankle and it is still paining her and MilkyWhite missed the afternoon performance on Saturday because she wasn’t feeling well.  Apparently, a lot of the cast has been sick.   The  play was double cast in 2 of the main characters:  Belle and Gaston.  One of the Belle’s  didn’t feel well on Friday, but performed anyway, but got worse and that was her last performance (she should have done it twice more.)  MilkyWhite took plenty of meds and performed on Saturday night anyway ~ the show we went to.  It was such a great show!!!  As always, I loved the girls being in it and yet I am so glad it is over now!

Of course, we still have The Just So Stories and TheQueenofHearts auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors last night.  After the “regular” audition, she was asked to stay to sing some music from the musical (in auditions, you sing whatever piece you want) and to read for the part of Audrey a couple more times.  The director is not doing “call backs” for this one, but did ask QoH to come back for the second night of auditions tonight so he could listen again.  Of course this does not mean she will get a part at all, let alone the part of Audrey (though she does have that “downtown/skid row” accent down!) but I am pleased that they are looking so closely at her.

This is our last “normal” week of rehearsals for “Just So”.  9 – 12.  Next week has at least two days that are 9am – 3pm, “day care” shows and FRG night are Thursday and then opening night/weekend performances are Friday through Sunday.  I hung out at rehearsals last Thursday and was AMAZED at how far the director has brought the play along since Tuesday and she always makes time to play theater games and teach them about theater.  This, too, will be a great show (and not just because I am biased!)

Chief and SuperSoldier have been enjoying fishing together.  They even took TheBoy fishing for the first time.  He LOVES it.  On Thursday they took him fishing again while I was “working” at the theater.  On Friday when I was about to go up to the theater for the evening again, he looked at SuperSoldier and said, “So, where are we going fishing tonight?” The first time the boy went fishing, he caught 5 little fish.  He was so happy!  Of course, he wanted NOTHING to do with the 22” and 24” catfish that Chief caught!  The men went again last night.  I’m going to guess that they will try to go again before SuperSoldier has to head back to his unit later this week.

Last week SuperSoldier and I went to see “The Magician’s Apprentice.”  I enjoyed it.

It got up to 105° yesterday and it is expected to be over 100° all this week.  Summer is finally here! 🙂

While SuperSoldier was out and about yesterday, I asked him to bring a fountain drink home for me.  This is what he came home with:


After some promises and agreements, I lifted my “ban” on SuperSoldier having our old pick up truck.  He loves that thing.  Always has.  And he needs a vehicle, but really didn’t want to take out a loan.  SuperSoldier took it to the shop and put about $900 into it (the mechanic was quite impressed at what good shape this 22 year old truck is in) and SuperSoldier will have it shipped to his duty station.  Not a bad investment for him and no debt required! 🙂

this is from wiki images, very similar to the truck SuperSoldier loves (i think this one is a year younger)

I’ve been busy knitting.  Lots of baby things.  Shower gifts and grandbaby gifts, commissioned work, designing new patterns ~ lots of fun!

August is the month devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I am hoping to find some way to bring that to the forefront of our awareness even in all of the busy-ness.  I’ll be looking for ideas and if I find any I think will work for us, I will share those resources here.

have a good week!


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10 Responses to Brain Spill for August

  1. Therese says:

    How busy and fun!!!

  2. MamaMidwife says:

    Whew! I am glad mine is not the only brain that can be so filled with ALL kinds of things! How do we even manage to keep it all straight, I wonder?

    I don’t envy you the humid, Texas heat. I grew up in that and I am happy it has only hit the 90’s (but mostly 80’s) so far here. Hot enough for my pregnant belly. Of course, it’s a cool 69 in my house.

    All those plays sound like fun!

    My little ones also love fishing.

    And the truck is awesome. I LOVE old pick-up trucks. Too bad I need a school bus (it seems like) to get the kids around. 🙂

    Have a great August. I am busy knitting, and trying to get this homeschool group leadership stuff going the right way. It’s lots of “work”.

    • it’s not typically very humid in our part of Texas, though it seems it’s been more humid than usual this year. I think we average around 35%… lower than WI, I think. 🙂 We don’t live anywhere near the gulf, so it’s not usually too bad here. Of course, 100° is pretty hot no matter what…

      SIXTY NINE??? I feel guilty when I put the a/c on 77! (which has been more frequent this year with the higher humidity…)

  3. MamaMidwife says:

    Yeah – my husband likes it to hover around 70 all year. Being pregnant this summer, I don’t argue. 🙂 (we do each turn up (me to 71) and turn down (him to 69) the a/c every day. It’s kind of funny.)

    Yes, I hear the hunidity is higher here than elsewhere. I just remember it being sooooo hot when I was growing up in TX. 100 *is* pretty high, even w/o humidity. My husband’s mom lives in UT. She always says “but it’s a dry heat”. I think “yeah, an oven is dry, but it’s still HOT”.

    • From all of the places I lived, I found that anywhere around the Great Lakes is typically humid. I agree that 100° is hot no matter what, but if you add 70% or more humidity to that, you feel hot AND as though you’re suffocating. It’s like being in a nicely sealed crock pot full of liquid rather than a dry oven. If I must have one or the other, I’ll take the oven!

  4. Lisa Sweet says:

    Sounds like you have a fantastic theater company(ies?) near you. How wonderful for your girls! Do they all sing, too?

    We have our a/c set on 70. I was wondering what temp to set it at since I am new to the whole central a/c thing. What is the average? Does 77 feel cool?

    • I am very pleased with the theater here. There was one in the next town over, but they’ve closed (I only heard about them shortly before they closed!) and one a couple of towns the other way, but I don’t really know anything about them. I don’t think I could manage driving that far for rehearsals, especially with the hours rehearsals require!

      Yes, all of my girls sing, dance and act. Not sure where that talent came from… must skip a few generations! 🙂

      With the a/c temp, I think it matters a lot what your “high” temps typically are. 77 feels nice and cool when you walk in from 100°+, ya know? Humidity matters. How economical our a/c is matters to us! (the a/c unit itself is fine, but our house should have had zoned heating and cooling ~ it doesn’t.) You could probably just test yours. Set it up a single degree and see if you can live with that. If so, try another. You’ll find the right temp for your house and your climate.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about your life!! Trying to think of ways to incorporate an awareness of the Immaculate Heart of Mary into our lives for August too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. God Bless!

  6. Dawn Farias says:

    Y’all are busy!

    I love the truck and I love that huge soda! How funny.

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