Mom vs. The Playground

Well!  The playground wins!

Fourth of July fireworks is a dad-and-kids activity/event at our house.  Dad takes the kids out to see the fireworks while mom stays home.

For months, TheBoy has been talking about seeing fireworks (though I doubt he remembers seeing them when he was 2… last year we were in Vicksburg and after a long day of driving, the kids decided they’d rather swim than go to fireworks.)  He repeatedly asked if we could go see them (you know, that day, as if going to fireworks was like going to chuckecheese or something), asked when we could go see them and so on.  Finally, the day arrived… and he didn’t want to go.  He found out that mom doesn’t go to fireworks and he was determined to not be parted from me.  Until Chief told him they were going to a playground first.  That did it!  He loves going to the playground and wanted to go.  At the last,  I thought we were in for a big production from him.  He kind of whined at me, “Mommy, won’t you please come, too?” I told him no, mommy is staying home and braced myself for the meltdown.  It didn’t come.  He simply said, “Okay.  I will miss you!  I love you!” and he ‘threw’ me kisses and hugs.

And he loved it!  He love the playground and when the fireworks started he squealed and screamed with delight and loved every minute of it.  WHEW!

I really hope this is a first step to understanding that there is fun (and safety and whatever else he needs to understand) apart from mom and that he will separate from me a bit easier now.  I hope that he learned that everything was not only fine, but great with all the fun there was to be had while out with Dad and the Sisters.

oh, and p.s.  …
I am NOT going to south Austin today!
Chief and TheMadHatter are going and
I get to skip out on the 3 hours of driving today!
Yippee!  Thank you, Chief!!!!!


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16 Responses to Mom vs. The Playground

  1. Rachel says:

    Your children are BEAUTIFUL and growing up so fast!! TheBoy has a smile that is adorable! ❤

    Tuna Ring-A-Round Recipe:
    I tried posting it… Iwill try to post the recipe on the blog for you this week – stay tuned! 🙂

    *big hugs* Did you SEE that I was chosen as a finalist to be the next Mamavation Mom? Please vote for me to show your support! 🙂

  2. snowbabies says:

    I know you are proud of him! yeah.. small steps…

  3. MamaMidwife says:

    That is awesome! The playground, who thought it would win over mom? 🙂

    I also do not do fireworks. I am soooo glad my husband has my children and they have him. Fireworks are not really my cup of tea. I like seeing the kids enjoy them, but the crowds and bugs I can do without.

  4. MimiDenise says:

    I am so proud of him! and of you! I probably would have caved and gone with them… that is soooo the wrong answer. 🙂 Love the pictures!

    • that is the only thing i see clearly… that I can’t give in to those requests if the plans are already set. of course, I would have let him stay home if he chose to…

  5. Debbie says:

    Moms need time out. I am happy you got it.

    • I am quite blessed to have time alone each morning before anyone else awakes (and this more than meets my desire for such time.) i am so pleased by the success enjoyed by TheBoy. Though, I did enjoy knitting and watching the last half of the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring and the first half of The Two Towers!

  6. Lisa Sweet says:

    Yippee for The Boy! Sometimes those small steps forward are all it takes to get over those big hurdles. One step, one success at a time. Congrats to all of you.

    Love your choice of movies…

  7. I’m just nutty about LOTR. I’m watching the movies nightly and listening to the audiobooks by day… Sure wish they’d make The Hobbit (i hear filming stopped before it started because the director quit.)

  8. Michelle says:

    Maybe he should now be The “big” Boy. You must be so pleased, and yeah who would have thunk it would be the playground to win out over mom!

    • I know! and… today, I needed to go bra shopping. Our houseguest came along and she was bored and he was bored. She asked if she could take him over to Barnes and Noble just a couple of doors down. I said, “sure” fully expecting him to NOT want to go… but he did! Not 10 minutes earlier he was invited to go to a dance rehearsal with his sisters and NO WAY was he going. Of course, he got a couple of new books for his reward! 🙂

      TheBigBoy is probably becoming more appropriate day by day…. but 3 more characters????????? Nah.

  9. mum6kids says:

    Ah wonderful! Glad you had a good 4th July 🙂

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was thinking of you when I wrote I’d seen that sort of good ol’fashioned ordinary love in action 🙂

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