7 Quick Takes (Vol. 85)


1: I’m working on a post that shares a bit of my craziness from being at the end of my fertile years.

2:  We’re heading down to the chiropractor’s office again today.  TheMadHatter had a much better time after the second visit.  She definitely was sore, but it was not the same kind of pain she had on Monday.  I’m glad it turned around so quickly.  Now to get her to wear her lift more often!

3: I’m working on a new baby sweater pattern (my own pattern.)  So far so good.  I like it.  It’s a gift for a little girl, who will be arriving this fall.  She is the 4th girl in Jen’s family.

4:  I visited the new local yarn store on Wednesday.  Very nice.  Of course, I spent $80+.  *sigh*

5:  I am asking for prayer for a friend, D, who will be going to Retrouvaille with her husband, J., the weekend of 25 – 27 June.

6:  Father’s Day is this Sunday.  I figured everything out and I should finish my shopping later today.  I think Chief is going to enjoy this Father’s Day, minus the fact that 3 kids and a grandbaby will not be here to celebrate with him.  One thing that I had custom made for Chief arrived yesterday.  When I ordered it, it said to expect it between 22 and 28 June.  I was disappointed it would be late, but it turns out that they completed it and shipped it in plenty of time to be “on time”. Yay!

I’m going to have to buy tickets to ToyStory3.  The kids want to take him this Sunday!

7:  This “take” has been removed because it was pointed out that it was a bit tasteless and tacky and as it was written, it did not express what I was thinking when I wrote it.   I thought to see if I could rewrite it and “redeem it” but I don’t think I can.  I can see that it really had no place here, even if my intent was quite innocent when I first wrote it.  Having had to rethink it, I realized that if it offended one, it possibly offended others and did not deserve a place here.   For being offensive and crossing that line (even though unintentionally) I am quite sorry.

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol. 85)

  1. Cathy says:

    I thought you were going to bed? lol Glad to hear the chiro went better. I just read the previous entry about an hour ago and cried for her. 😦 Prayers for your friend and all of you, of course.

    • I did. I scheduled the post!

      Thanks for the prayers.

      I know, it broke my heart, too. I felt so awful because I am making her do this! But it is much better.

  2. Therese says:

    what a week! we are seeing TS3 with the boys from Drew’s class…it is for his upcoming July birthday!

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