7 Quick Takes (Vol 84)

7 Quick Takes Vol. 84


Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Do we love him?  Do we tell him?  Do we show him?  Yes? Today on this Feast of His Sacred Heart, just love him.  Spend time with him.  Talk to him.  Praise him and make reparation for all of the indifferences and sacrileges against Him!  Let him know that you truly love him.


Father’s Day is around the corner… what do you have planned?  I had a plan, but it has changed because of something one of the kids told me they are doing.  Nuts.  I’m running out of time now!


We never made our Sacred Heart Tee’s yesterday.  *sigh*  I guess that’s something that we’ll do today.  Better  late than never??


I was pretty aggravated, yet thankful last evening.  I had planned on making blackened chicken (and plain ol’ grilled chicken for the wimps) for dinner last night.  We ran out of propane.  I was aggravated, of course, because my dinner plans were changed for me at the last minute.  I was grateful because it ran out while I was preheating the grill and I had not even opened the chicken packages when I discovered it.  So today I will get propane and will make that chicken tonight for our Sacred Heart celebration~ the spiciness of the chicken to signify the “burning love” and the “flames” of the Heart of Jesus… that works, right? Not too much of a stretch?


Even though there is no cloth butt baby in our family’s near future, I think I’m going to knit up some longies and shorties.  (Wool diaper covers that are long pants and shorts.)  I just love knitting those.  How crazy is it to spend time, money and effort on something when you have know idea when it might get used?


We let the turtle go last evening.  Chief, TheBoy, and I took him down to a creek not too far from our house.  Chief set him on the bank of the creek (that thing flows much faster than it appears when looking at it while crossing the bridge!) and he turned his head toward the fast-moving water and scooted right in!  I’m sure he was glad to be back  “home.”  TheBoy was not happy about the whole thing.  He wanted to keep the turtle as a pet.  Yeah, because we need MORE creatures around here.

I have lived here, in this neighborhood, in this very house for 11 years.  When we were turning around to come home from the creek I noticed, for the first time, that there is a historical marker posted just past the bridge over the creek!  How did I never see that?  I have passed by there hundreds of times.  I’m going to go back soon and see what it’s about.


I am really starting to realize just how busy this summer is going to be for us.  I don’t like it!  I have always managed to keep our involvement in things to manageable.  I didn’t want to spend my “life” sitting in the truck waiting on the kids’ to finish one activity so that we can head on to the next.  It’s not that I didn’t want them to do anything, but rather that I didn’t want to overburden anyone.  I’m not sure I always got the balance right, but if I erred, I think I erred in the right direction.  This summer is busy, busy, busy.  Theater, Dance, Chiropractor, more Theater, trips out west, a visit from  SuperSoldier and SirGrape….  *sigh*  Now I am sure there are moms out there who do that much and more on a regular basis, but that is not how our family operates.  This is a lot for us and I’m not looking forward to it!

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol 84)

  1. Michelle says:

    When do you sleep? I can’t keep up with you!!! When you figure out Father’s Day be sure to keep us posted I still have no idea and probably won’t until the Saturday before. Can’t wait to see the Sacred Heart t-shirts be sure to post photos!!

    • I can’t keep up with me!!!!! Seriously, Michelle, the thing about sleep is that I’m one of those lucky ones who can run well on 6 hours a night, still function on 5 (I am a puddle with less than that, though!) I’m an early bird and that keeps me sane.

  2. Debbie says:

    I wish I was an early bird, but I need my sanity time at night…
    Thank you for reminding me that it is the feast of the Sacred Heart. I will do a holy hour today.

    • I had to become an early bird. A couple of decades ago I would have never seen a sunrise. Of course 3 or so decades ago I saw them fairly regularly because my “night” was just ending then….

  3. MamaMidwife says:

    I also try not to “schedule” too many things or I lose my mind. Something as simple as a once a week commitment gets us flustered sometimes.

    And knitting longies….fun. They are really cute just as pants for the non cloth diapered. (I only cloth diaper until they can crawl, then I put them in disposables.) My knitting friend still makes longies for her non-cloth baby and they are so gorgeous. Have fun knitting those. They knit up soooo fast.

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