7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 80)





I broke my sewing machine.  Urgh.  I was stitching those thick, heavy patches onto part of the bag I am making and it locked up and the bobbin case is a mess.  I googled for a local repair shop and the closest one ONLY offers a “tech support agreement”  for $299.  Um, yeah, I  don’t think we paid that much for my machine!  It’s a dang Singer, not a Viking!  They had this little blurb about why they only offer this and how it is best in “the long run.”  Um, sure, if I spent $1,000+ on a machine and sewed/machine quilted a lot. :\  There is a place a little bit further down the road that I’ll take it to.  Apparently, they want my business and will fix just what I ask and charge me for THAT service instead of a year’s worth that I don’t need!


(Our Granddaughter was born on Wednesday!)

There is a lot of clutter and eyesore in the house.  I am going to try to knock out a good bunch of it today.  Storage is a big problem for me.  Not only is my storage space  limited, I simply don’t have the mental capacity to really “get” where and how to store things.  I don’t mean the “attic” stuff.  That’s easy to figure out… put it in the attic!  I mean the stuff that you need or want to have fairly accessible, but aren’t quite sure what to do with it.  I mean the stuff that gets thrown on whatever horizontal surface is available because no one knows what else to do with it, either.  I have a couple of ideas that I’m going to try out, hopefully today while the beans are doing their thing in the canner (I have 70 – 90 minutes once the beans get going.)

I’m going for drastic change.  Ruthless change.  And, hopefully, a more honest assessment of what needs to be out and/or available.  Books are one thing that are on the hit list.  I won’t get rid of them, but they definitely need to be moved and sorted!  They are everywhere.  Shelves in every room (and not beautifully displayed on them!) and stacks of books I “plan” to read, etc., etc. etc.  There are many other things that are much bigger eyesores than books, but that is a place to start that will have an immediate and large impact.  Freeing up some space that is used by books that never get touched could make space for those other things that need a place.  I don’t know.  I may be writing next week that I undid the Summer Purge of ’10.  I’ll keep you posted!


(Our Granddaughter was born on Wednesday!)

As you can imagine, I’m digging out all of my pink and girly yarn and will be knitting up some yummy pink stuff!  I’m going through my baby pattern books trying to decide what to knit first!  My friend KC has the book Itty-Bitty Hats: cute and cuddly caps to knit for babies and toddlers and I looked through it last night. (We had Ditch and Stitch last night.  Thanks, KC!) So many CUTE hat patterns!  There were a couple I want to knit up for the grandbaby!   Now that the grandbaby is here and we know she’s a beautiful she, I think my knitting will pick up again! (that and the fact that my Army Mom bag is on hold because of my broken machine!)  I might blow the dust off of the knitting blog now.

KC gifted me with a beautiful hank of Sunshine Yarn in the colorway “Violets.”  It is absolutely beautiful.  I love purple and this is some gorgeous stuff and has a wonderful hand. It really is lovely, isn’t it?  (click the image to see it larger.)  I can’t even tell you how soft and “squishy” it is.  I  just love, love, love it!

My first thought was, “oooh, that would make a beautiful baby hat and booties set!” but I think I might make a pair of ankle socks for myself instead.  Maybe.


(Our Granddaughter was born on Wednesday!)

Today I am FINALLY going to can the beans.  Yes, I’m still a bit nervous about getting it right, but I actually got around to making the beans last night, so it’s time to can them while they’re “fresh.”  The house smells yummy from the beans slow baking all night.


(Our Granddaughter was born on Wednesday!)

I am gearing up for my trip out west to meet the sweet baby!  I am so excited, though I admit I’m feeling a bit nervous about leaving the boy home for a week.  I know he’s in good hands with Chief and the sisters, but still, he’s a momma’s boy and I know he’ll miss me and I will definitely miss him.  Somehow, I think I will manage to really love the time with the grandbaby (and her mom and dad!)

TheMadHatter has been praying for me to have twin boys for years.  One year we did have twins (who were lost at 9 weeks ~ one on my birthday and one on Holy Thursday, 3 days later.  In my heart I believe they were both boys.  Their names are Jacob and Joshua.)  She still prays this daily (doesn’t she know I’m old and a grandma?!) and Wednesday night she was in a fit of giggles thinking about God answering that prayer with a “Yes” now and  how the babies would be uncles to a niece who is older than they are.



Seriously, there’s really not much more to say than that! It has completely turned my world upside down in the best possible way!  Even though this isn’t new, here is your baby photo for this post:

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 80)

  1. Carla says:

    I’d almost believe that you were super excited about a granddaughter if I didn’t know any better! LOL!

    and Twins! Sounds like a plan!

  2. Therese says:

    Amelia has prayed for twin girls for years. When we found out Joseph was just a singleton and a boy, she said, God gave us the wrong sex and we need one more. I think she still wants twin girls.

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