LABOR WATCH 12 MAY 2010!!!

It’s Time!!!!!!

SgtSoldierSon just called (at 10:01 am CST)!!!    Mrs.SgtSoldierSon tried to call, but was hit with a ctx just as I was answering and it took all of her energy to focus and concentrate so she “threw” the phone to my son.   I think this is probably it and it should not be long now!

Please pray for a good, safe, “easy” birth!  Thanks!!!

I am so excited!!

1420 hours: No updates…  it is taking all kinds of self-control to not call and see how it’s going!

1600 hours:  It is hard to have to wait SO LONG for news of a grandchild’s birth!!! (yeah, yeah.  i know the stats.  first birth, long(er) labor, etc.  got it.  now hurry up!)

1830 hours:  They are headed in for a c-section for “failure to progress”.  This happens pretty quickly, so expect news SOON!

For the “final” update, go HERE


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6 Responses to LABOR WATCH 12 MAY 2010!!!

  1. Blessed be God! We will keep vigil with you until the good news arrives!

  2. MimiDenise says:

    Holy God, Please allow this beautiful child a safe passage into the life and arms of those who love him already so much. Give him a wonderful life and send angels to always keep him safe and healthy. Let him always know how loved he is. Amen.
    P.S. or her!

  3. Kathleen C says:

    May 13th is a very good day (MY birthday!), but I wouldn’t wish a longer labor on her! 🙂

    WooHOOOOO! Prayers for swift delivery.

  4. Carla says:

    WOO HOOO!! I’ll definitely be checking back for updates!

  5. MimiDenise says:

    Lord God, please be with all of the people involved in this birth. Bring about the healthy birth of this child and be with the Mommy and Daddy AND Grandparents as they accept this child into their family. Amen.

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