7 Quick Takes (Vol. 79)



I can’t wait to hear from SuperSoldier again!  I will enjoy telling him he as 5 boxes on the way to him!  Maybe I won’t look forward to telling him that there won’t be any more boxes until I make the beans…  in addition to the cost of the contents, the postage was crazy!  I used 4 large flat rate boxes, but the fifth box was a recycled amazon box.  The Flat rate boxes were too small to fit the 13 dozen chocolate chip cookies I sent!  That box of cookies cost $33 to ship!  Eeeep.  Of course, I realized that 2 flat rate boxes would have been slightly cheaper than the one large box.  The few dollars would not justify throwing out all of those cookies because it took too long to get back to the post office.  So, yeah, I figure 5 boxes should be good for about 5 weeks.  Right? Well, not 5 weeks.  The canner should be here today and then it’s bean canning time.

edited to add: I was able to IM with SuperSoldier for a long time today (with long breaks built in!)  Here is a photo SuperSoldier sent today.  It’s about 6 weeks old, but I’ll take it!  He is with his friend, “TheSheriff”.

(L)TheSheriff, (R)SuperSoldier


Speaking of bean canning… I’m a bit nervous about that whole thing.  What if I do something wrong?  What if they don’t seal properly, but I think they do?  What if I make SuperSoldier sick?!  I am trying to just relax about it.  I mean, if I follow the instructions, it should be fine, right?  I bought a book on home preserving so that I can learn the right and the safe way to pressure can.  (I’ve done a lot of water bath canning.)  I’m having a hard time finding a recipe/process for “baked beans”  in the book.  Weird.


A bit of good news on the chiropractor front.  It occurred to me that the first two weeks of daily care are basic chiropractic adjustments to prepare her spine/body for the corrective manipulation that comes next.  The chiropractor we are seeing in Austin went to DC school with one of Chief’s chiropractor’s.  They have the same basic training.  I wondered if we could avoid daily trips to Austin (which consume about 4 hours a day round-trip) by having the preliminary stuff done up here.  I called the local chiropractor and asked if he’d be willing to do this if the other chiropractor felt that it would work out.  I wanted to know if he was open to it before I spoke to the other about it.  He said he was more than happy to do that and he called the Austin guy to discuss it and find out what the plan was.  A couple of hours later I got a phone call letting me know that it would be fine to do that here.  The Austin guy is going to send a full report up to the local guy so that he knows what to do.  We’ll start the treatment after the report is sent up.  While we still have to pay for 10 basic “patch care” treatments, we won’t have to spend $120 (or more) a week on gas… not to mention the local office is 5 minutes from our house.  This is such an incredible relief.


This is also a relief because we know we can start as soon as they finish their paperwork.  We weren’t sure about when it would be best to start because of my plan to go out to meet our grandchild.  Chief simply cannot spend half a day every day going to Austin, but he can manage to get her to the local office.  He can even (probably) manage getting to Austin 3 times a week.

Now I don’t feel pressured and torn about my trip to meet that sweet baby! (oh, and see his/her parents, too!)  Not that I wouldn’t do it.  Duh.  Just that I would have felt torn. 🙂  I cannot wait for that baby to be born.  Baby is due on Monday!  WhooHoo!  Chief had a dream that Mrs.SgtSoldierSon had the baby on Sunday ~ Mother’s day!  That would be awesome!


I love how excited some of my kids get about Mother’s Day and especially this year.  Some of them seem very excited! (don’t misunderstand… they’re all so wonderful about mother’s day, it’s just that some of them seem more into it this year than in the past!)  I wonder what they’re planning?  They are always so sweet about pampering me.  Apparently, some of them have had gifts for me for quite a while.  And, of course, there is the canner that is on its way from SuperSoldier and SgtSoldierSon and Mrs.SgtSoldierSon have offered me a plane ticket for my trip out!

I didn’t even get to the store until yesterday to get my mom a card.  *sigh*  I need to get more excited like my kids do!


I made a sewing/craft “corner”!!!  (See number 5 from last week:  7 Quick Takes (Vol. 78) )  I am so excited to have this little space!  I’ve hardly used it yet, but knowing that it is there, available and out of the main living areas is really fantastic!  When I do find that time and desire to sew/craft coincide, I have a space all set up to go!  That was the purpose and the plan and I am happy to have found that space.  I am “sharing” the front room (formal dining room) that has served as a play room for a long time.  I divided the room with book cases and a 2-door cabinet.  These hold my supplies.  I had a table in my garage that I put in there.  It’s a little bigger (deeper) than I would choose if I were to buy new, but I didn’t want to buy new.  The surface is a bit messed up, but I plan to paint it one day.  For now, I cover the worst of it with a basket of fabric and the sewing machine.

Thank you, Leila, for motivating me to find my space!  I am really excited about it.  I have real hopes to get to more sewing and crafting now that it is easier.  There is something that is so essential to my mental and emotional well-being about being able to create things.  I might even give quilting a go again!


I am making a “uniform bag” for myself from one of SuperSoldier’s “old” uniforms (he’s only been in a year… I know, it’s not THAT old, but he did wear a hole in the pants and he’s very particular about his uniforms!)  .

I need to decide what fabric to use as the lining/contrast of the uniform bag.  I have a bit of fabric here (not much.  I purged most of it when I stopped sewing because of the inconvenience of dragging the machine out and making such a mess in the main living areas of the house.)  I’m cheap, but I am not completely opposed to the idea of purchasing a little fabric to make it what I really want.  I have a whole bunch of flannel (I know, not typical for a bag ~ but why not? … and really, tell me if you have a reason why not!) and a couple of new, unused pillow cases (leftover from my IBOL packages.)  Here are some pictures of a piece of the uniform with the different fabrics I have.  I would love your opinion on which, IF ANY, would make for a nice combination.  Please feel free to say, “You should go to a fabric store and look around.”  Don’t feel obligated to tell me to use something I have.  It really won’t take much fabric to make the bag, so purchasing is an option, even if I’d rather use something here.  I want to love the bag even more than I want to be frugal.

(click image to enlarge)

At this moment, I’m not overly excited about any of them and after looking at the photo, I really don’t think I like the stripes.  I think the rainbow-peace fabric is a great contrast, i.e. “war and peace”, though I’m not sure if I really like it or if it is just the seemingly “opposing” thoughts in it.  I think the uniform with the skulls is kind of a neat idea and flowers and pink are winners in their own right, but….  *sigh*  I don’t know.  What say you?

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8 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol. 79)

  1. KC says:

    I think you should go shopping. None of those really called to me.

  2. Ute says:

    Oh man! I was just about to comment that I like the stripes best, when I read that you really don’t like them at all…
    The x-ray in number 3 looks just like mine… no fun. Hope everything works out with the treatment

  3. Maria says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you have a wonderful one! I will be praying the rosary for you and all Mom’s today! Have a great day!

    May God Bless you and your family!

    Maria 🙂

  4. Dawn Farias says:

    I love your craft corner and am very happy about you being able to do those early chiro appts close to home!

  5. Lisa Sweet says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love the craft corner.

  6. Jess says:

    If it was out of what you already have then I would say the swirly flowers, but I would also say go shopping because (in my opinion LOL) you can never have too much fabric…

    Can’t wait to see what you choose and the finished bag!

    • yeah…. never too much fabric. i’m not there yet. i was once, but now I think, “WHERE WILL I PUT IT?!” I can, however, always find room for yarn. Such neat little balls and hanks…..

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