7 Quick Takes (Vol. 78)



TheMadHatter’s chiropractor appointment is at 10 this morning.  Waaaaay downtown in Austin.  I hope it’s a worthwhile trip.


I thought Shakespeare was over, but it’s all Shakespeare all the time for me.  Well, not all the time.  More like 7 hours a day of video editing.  One reason it’s taking so long is that I am putting subtitles in.  This is very tedious.  There was a lot of, umm, “ambient  noise”, so that even when the kids projected well and spoke at a good pace, it is hard to hear/understand them on the videos.  I have completed the subtitles on Friday’s performance and am working on Saturday’s now.   I hope to have it all done and burned within a week or so.  Then I’m going on a Shakespeare fast.  Until I have to go over TheQueenofHearts essay on Midsummer Night’s Dream for her British Literature class.  Very convenient for her that the directors of the play chose a title that she had to write an essay about.  Nine months of intimate, weekly work with this piece will make for a good paper!


SuperSoldier has been able to call very regularly.  He called yesterday.  He said that he really likes the work he’s doing, but that it was a rough day yesterday, even though some very good work-related things happened.  When he finally finished up for the “day”, he went into the office and found that he had 4 boxes (2 from mom and 2 from a girl scout group)  and 2 letters waiting for him. Yippee!  I think I’ve become the “team mom.”  My care packages are quite popular.  I like that!  One of SuperSoldier’s supervisors is always telling him to call his “momma and thank her for all of us.”  Now that’s the way to keep the packages coming.  Smart man.  Now to bake some cookies!


Our ceiling fan in the living room blew a couple of weeks ago.  We finally found one that looked okay in the size we need (and didn’t cost an arm and a leg! We need a 60” fan in our living room with cathedral ceilings.)  Of course, the down rod (which is about 8 feet) is about ¾” and the fan requires a 1”.  Thank God for handy husbands who will figure out a way to make it work anyway!


I am on the hunt for a sewing corner in my house.  This post inspired me to see what I could find.  When I read that post, I totally related to the feeling of dread associated with taking out the machine and all the mess that comes with it  So does Chief.  I used to enjoy a little bit of  sewing, (then I learned to knit) and I have really been wanting to sew a “uniform bag”, but other than some quick straight stitching on the Shakespeare costumes, I’ve not really sewn for years ~ all because of the inconvenience and mess.  And not wanting to see that look on Chief’s face! 🙂 (for the record, he never complained, but I know he really hates the mess and inconvenience, too.)


I have a mother’s day gift coming already.  From SuperSoldier. He purchased a pressure canner/cooker for me.  Very generous!  Of course, the fact that he will get Chernobyl beans out of it doesn’t hurt!  I am excited to get it (it will take a week or 2) and get started with it!  Anyone use a pressure cooker/canner?  Any tips? Recipes?


I woke up with a splitting headache this morning.  Ugh.  (my allergy report noted that Osage Orange and Oak are on the primary pollens list and weren’t before.  hmmm.  probable connection with this headache from heck.)  This has been a horrible year for allergies.  Everyone is having more frequent and worse symptoms.  Even MilkyWhite has been having problems and she doesn’t normally have allergy problems.  The boy is miserable.    So miserable that I’ve considered taking him in to get something that might work better than the OTC stuff we’re using.  *sigh*

It’s just that time of year, I guess.  Spring is also bug and critter time.  Every year we see so many interesting insects and other critters ~ many of them we’ve never seen before.  We are “always” calling each other outside to see the newest creature that comes to visit.  We also like to see “old friends” (like the toads that live along our foundation that get bigger and bigger.)  I think it’s pretty cool and I will be posting some pictures of our visitors in the near future.  (I’ve already got a few on my memory card waiting to go!)


(Since I was short one last week, you get an extra one this week!)

SgtSoldierSon and MrsSgtSoldierSon called last night to see if we could figure out arrangements for when I will come and meet the baby (and hopefully give them a hand with some cooking and cleaning and baby-smooching.)  I am so excited that the baby is so near to birth!  I can’t wait.  I told them that May was very clear for me but then when I was about to go to bed I realized that I have a commitment on 16 May.  One of my Goddaughters is receiving her First Holy Communion that day!  Oh how exciting.  Don’t tell her, but I have a beautiful Miracoli rosary for her!  I’d post a photo, but I think her mom drops by once in a while and I want it to be a surprise for all (well, mom knows we have the rosary, but you know.)

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