7 Quick Takes (Vol 76)


  1. It’s been a crazy week.  On Monday, we had our orthopedic appointment, the girls were off to theater and my father in law flew in (of course there was all the stuff we do for before guests arrive!)
  2. This week has been filled with costumes, costumes, costumes!!!!!  I’d planned the Midsummer Night’s Dream costumes a while back and had even begun to collect some materials and supplies, but this week was “do or die” week.  Things are actually coming along nicely.  The costumes are VERY BASIC (chitons and peplos made from sheets and fairy skirts from tulle) but I think they are turning out pretty well.  The “hardest” costumes are for Puck and the donkey head of Nick Bottom (one of the director-moms had a lion costume for Snug!)  In the end, I purchased a cheap donkey “costume” (plastic face nose mask and “hat” with ears…. $10.)  Puck… well, that’s not quite done yet.  We’ve got a good idea we’re getting around to and a back up plan in case we don’t.  Well, actually, most aren’t “quite done” but I’m at the trim and shorten stage, so it’s just a matter of a couple of seams and some hems.
  3. The two brightest spots in this busy week (besides the good prognosis for TheMadHatter) were the Mystagogia meeting on Tuesday night and DitchandStitch last night.  At DitchandStitch, we didn’t knit a single stitch, but the company was greatly enjoyed! At the Mystagogia meeting, I was invited to teach the group about human sexuality and God’s design. Yippee!  I do love teaching that stuff.  I’ll do that in a few weeks.  We’re going to plan it around the grandbaby’s birth.
  4. The grandbaby is coming soon!  Momma is about 36 weeks as of this week.  Amazing! 🙂  I’m pretty excited.
  5. A major frustration for me this week has been that I can’t find my handycam charger (as well as my little Nikon P&S charger, but I REALLY need the handycam one.  I still have my Nikon DSLR charger, so I can live without the P&S charger… for a while.)  If I don’t find my handycam charger SOON, I will have to just buy a new one.  Grrr.  I have looked everywhere that it could possibly be and it has not been found.  PLEASE HELP ME SAINT ANTHONY!
  6. My father-in-law’s visit has been very nice.  When I woke up this morning I (very sadly!!!) realized hat I have not been taking photos!  I’ve been busy with costuming and just haven’t picked up the camera.  I’m going to have to get a few shots before he leaves this afternoon.  TheBoy has particularly enjoyed Grandpa’s company.
  7. SuperSoldier called twice this week. It is ALWAYS good to hear his voice.  I know it sounds awful, but truly, when he calls, I think, “Okay.  He’s still alive today.”  He sounds good and while he’s ex.haust.ed, he seems to like what he’s doing.

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol 76)

  1. Angela says:

    I just skimmed over your blog and I feel we are kindred spirits! How long is your son in Afghanistan? Luke should be back in Canada at the end of May. I can hardly wait!

    • SuperSoldier is meant to be there until mid-summer, but was warned that it may be longer. I’m not counting on anything. I am so glad that you are close to your Luke coming home!

      I also have a grandbaby coming… but sooner than yours. This is our first, but I think your blog said “another” grand baby?

      Thank you for visiting me! I really enjoyed your blog.

  2. Angela says:

    Hi Pearl,
    My kids are Tim (almost 27) and Luke (25)
    Luke is engaged to Nikki (24)
    I have a stepson (32) who is married and has two girls.
    My stepdaughter is 30, married and her first arrives in June.
    I just saw your photo of your kids and DIL – I thought she was one of your blood daughters – they look very much alike!
    Your family is gorgeous!
    I must get to bed now – I am sure we will chat again soon!

  3. amanda says:

    Didn’t you JUST announce you were expecting a gbaby?! There is no way she is 36 weeks?!?! I know your itching to meet baby! Did they not find out who’s hiding in there?

    I left my charger in billeting. Brilliant.

    • Funny how fast pregnancy goes when it’s not you, huh? 🙂

      No, they decided on a “no peeking” policy.

      I just ordered a new charger/adapter from Amazon. You know I’ll find the old one the day after I use the new one. *sigh*

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