Curvy Spine Update

(I edited this to add a title!)

Yesterday, I picked up a disc with TheMadHatter’s xrays on it.  I need it for the appointment at the Orthopedic clinic on Monday.


Of course, since I had not seen the images yet, I decided to pop the disc into my computer and take a look.  The software is windows based (grrr), so I couldn’t see anything.  Chief (because of work) has windows loaded on his machine and was able to see and grab the images.  Wow.  That radiologist wasn’t kidding that it is “significant” scoliosis.  You don’t need a medical degree to see that.  All you need is to be able to see.



Look at how “off” her shoulders and hips are.  They call this “double major scoliosis” as there are curves in both the lumbar and thoracic sections of the spine.  The radiologist detected no twisting of the spine (good news) and determined that she has not yet reached skeletal maturity (meaning it could get worse because she’s still growing.)  The degrees that the radiologist measured are still below the traditional point where surgery is considered (usually 45° or more is cause to consider surgery, but that is a general rule not a hard and fast one.)  Here is a quote from the radiology report:


Employing the Cobb  technique and measuring from the superior endplate of T4 and the inferior  endplate of T10 vertebral bodies, the dextroconvex curvature measures 32  degrees. The apex of the curve is at the T7  vertebral body without  appreciable rotatory component. Measuring from the superior endplate of T11 and the inferior endplate of L3 vertebral bodies, the  levoconvex angle  measures 26 degrees. The apex of the curve is at the L1 vertebral body  without appreciable rotatory component.

I can’t wait to get to that appointment and get their input and a treatment plan that does not, I hope, include a recommendation for surgery.  We need to make another appointment, too.  One with our priest for the Anointing of the Sick.  While we trust in good medical practice, we trust and rely on the Divine Physician more.

Your continued prayers for her are appreciated.


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14 Responses to Curvy Spine Update

  1. Yasher says:

    Prayers for her, certainly! You are not kidding that all you need is eyes to see that. Poor thing. Is it painful for her?

    It makes me think of a Judy Blume book called DEENIE about a girl with scoliosis who wore a back brace. I recall it being one of my favorite books as a pre-teen. Maybe worth looking into, just to help her feel like she’s not the only one to suffer with this condition?

    As always, I recommend you reading it or looking into it first to make sure content is suitable for your child.

    Beauty is certainly more than spinal. Best wishes and many prayers!

  2. mum6kids says:

    That’s a clear x-ray. Lovely heart.
    My sister has idiopathic scholiosis. She had a metal bar clamped to her spine. The docs used bone from her femur to make the cement for the bar and it stretches from her neck to nearly lumber as she too had a double curve.
    Before that she wore what in those days was a Milwalkie Brace. I think the braces are a bit different these days-lighter and better fitting.
    I hope the brace wont be needed- but I will pray for patience and cool weather if it is. I have seen children cope well with the plastic girdle kind.
    Anyway- the good news is my sister is fine she even managed a home birth for her second child.
    I hope all goes well.
    God bless

    • Thanks, Shell. The braces of today are not the braces of yesterday, thankfully. She is terrified of the idea of surgery and (today) is quite willing to wear her brace as long as they prescribe.

      We shared the radiologists report (no xrays) with Chief’s chiropractor and he said that he couldn’t add anything useful to her treatment. Shucks.

      • mum6kids says:

        I hope the brace helps; they do tend to be pretty good.
        I hope she wont need surgery- but to be honest she might and although it’s rough once she’s had it she shouldn’t need any more.
        Is she getting physio?
        Lots of prayers.

        • On Monday afternoon we have our first appointment, so we’ll see what they think and recommend then. One of the premier scoliosis centers is in Dallas (a couple of hours away) so we’re looking into that. (there are complicating factors that will determine whether or not we even can go there. The complications are not related to funds or insurance, as they don’t charge fees to families at all, though I believe our insurance would handle it even if they did.)

          Probably on Monday morning she will be receiving the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Our priest emailed back and is willing to make the few minutes it takes whenever we can get up to the parish. (I won’t ask on Sunday, however, since our Bishop is coming for confirmation, and I know Fr. R will be BUSY! Unless the Bishop would like to do it…. 🙂 )

  3. Cathy says:

    Wowzers! Definitely continuing prayers. Sure hoping they can stop the progression and get some correction w/out surgery.

  4. AmmieJo says:

    Sweet girl, she is in my prayers! As you and Chief are as well. How is she dealing with this news? I’ll also be praying that the appointment is soon, just having a path that you know you are on helps, sometimes.

    Thinking of you all,

  5. Dawn Farias says:

    Oh my goodness. I am glad she does not have any pain!

  6. PaperSmyth says:

    I will pray for you tomorrow (Monday, the 12th) all through the day. I can see that her degree of curvature is greater than mine was, but does not absolutely indicate surgery, as you have said.

    Please, if it helps her, reassure her that someone who knows what she is going through is praying for her. The attention of others may be overwhelming for her, which is why I say “if it helps her.” I will ask for the intercession of others, too.

  7. Julia Young says:

    My daughter’s curves are not that far from your daughter’s. She is doing very well in her Boston Brace ( Her orthotist is a gift from God). I like the comment about praying for patience and for cool weather 🙂

    I hope your daughter is doing well.

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