Washer, Dryer and Spring

We made a decision on the washer and dryer.  We went with the Kenmore Elite Smooth Touch set.  The washer is 4.5 cu ft and has all of the features I hoped for and the dryer is nice and roomy at 7.4 cu ft.  They both have the steam feature.  We opted to not purchase the pedestals… for now.  I think I already regret not getting them, but I’ll wait and see how I feel about it once I use them for a while.  It will be easy to add them later.  We ended up saving a total of $1,000+ (!!!) by purchasing on the PX website while they were having a great sale and saving all that tax money (Sorry, Texas.)  They’re also shipping for free.

The color is called “Chili Pepper.”

We should get them in a week or two.  It is worth the wait to save all of that money and, fortunately, our old set still works for now, so it is no inconvenience.

**Update:  Delivery is scheduled for Friday!  We just ordered yesterday.  I am quite pleased with the service we are getting!

Yesterday was such a glorious day!  It was warm and sunny and bright.  I saw 80°F!!  We had a lot of rain the day before (a lot!) but that only made the weeds so very happy.  It was a taste of spring!  Thunderstorms, sunshine, warm temps and this…

Nothing says "spring" like beautiful bouquets of "flowers" from your 4 year old!

There has not been much going on here for a while.  It’s been nice.


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9 Responses to Washer, Dryer and Spring

  1. Dawn Farias says:

    I love the flowers but I love that red color for the W&D even MORE!!

  2. KC says:

    I LOVE that color!

  3. I love the color too. I hope I am still saying that in 15 years!

  4. Tami says:

    I’m jealous. I have the white version, without the steam. Why, oh why didn’t I get a colored set? My neighbor had that exact set, and she LOVES it. I’m excited for you. Getting a fancy new W&D set is so much fun. Seriously.

  5. It is Fun. Seriously. Sad, really.

  6. snowbabies says:

    I wanted color… I love all things red. .. umm chili…. You’ll love this washer. I am so calm doing laundry now. vs what I faced on post.

    • I am so glad to keep hearing about how pleased we will be. Our biggest influence in going with the Kenmores in the first place was the satisfaction both you and KC have with your sets. Others have said so as well, but knowing you in person really made a difference.

      I am glad I got the color (though as I said elsewhere, I hope I still feel that way in 15 years!) It should be fun to see that bright splash of color in the room that otherwise speaks a sort of “drudgery” to me… yes, I am grateful to have a laundry room and a washer and dryer to use and I know that it is a true privilege to serve our family this way and yet, no matter how much I “know”, it is not fun for me! Well, the first few loads will be fun, of course. I have a new “toy”. But I know full well that it will be business as usual after just a few loads. I wish I could have found the model that folded and put the laundry away!

      I am REALLY excited about being able to do laundry without it sounding like there is a huge jet engine in my house when the washer spins. Seriously. It is SO LOUD. I’m going to record it and then record the new one for comparison.

      Oh, and I meant to tell you, because I KNOW you love, love, love a good deal (and are SO good at finding them) that we went to the PX to get in on the 15% off sale that you mentioned and the kind woman told us that they’d be 20% off the next day. Needless to say, we didn’t purchase that day! 🙂

  7. Monica says:

    I’ve used a front loader for 7 years now. I do not have a pedestal. I use a small plastic footstool instead. I just sit in front of the washer to load or transfer laundry to the dryer. It is very easy on the knees and back. I like being able to use the top of the machines to fold and stack the clothes. You can’t do that with a pedestal.

    • Thanks, Monica! I have had a F/L for 11 years without a pedestal. I never fold there (maybe I should!) One of the things a pedestal would help to minimize is all the JUNK that my family throws on top of the machines when they “clean up.” *sigh* Seems all horizontal surfaces are fair game around here! Ask me. I know. I just cleaned the surface of my desk and couldn’t believe the junk they threw there ~ none of it mine. On MY desk! So, yeah, I fantasize about keeping the machine tops clear, though I suppose most of them are tall enough to do that even with pedestals!

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