Just had to say….

I smell like old people.

That is all.


About becomewhatyouare

Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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6 Responses to Just had to say….

  1. Carla says:


    • VLA. We went to the Legends fund raiser and the theater was filled with elderly folk. Nice, pleasant elderly folk, of course.
      An hour after I got home, I could still smell them! 😉

  2. AmmieJo says:

    😀 I heart you!

  3. Yasher says:

    It’s the scent all the cool people are wearing, these days. LOL

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