Let it Snow??

Apparently, we are going to have some winter around here!  Only for a day, they say, but it’s already starting.

Here is a video I took with my iPhone.  The gloom makes it hard to see the snow until the end.

This photo was taken at about 1230:

Here is a quote from a local news channel, KWTX, on our expected weather:

Cold rain and sleet should switch over to all snow across much of Central Texas throughout the morning. The snowfall is expected to last until late this afternoon or possibly into the evening hours. 2 to 5 inches of snow looks likely across most of the area, but a few areas may see higher totals as bands of heavy snow could produce snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour!

More pics!


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12 Responses to Let it Snow??

  1. Carla says:

    It’s really coming down and sticking! My kids are loving it! They got to play some in Indiana, but to be able to here is really cool!

  2. It’s pretty exciting. The best part?? It will be gone tomorrow. No need to shovel. Perfect!

    Every other time I look out and think, “Hmmm, I guess it’s about over,” I look again and it’s snowing harder!

  3. snowbabies says:

    I sort of wish it would last at least a week.. just because it is so beautiful and peaceful when it is falling. Love the snowman!

  4. Carla says:

    Love the snowman!

    It pretty much snowed all day and melted at the same time which I thought was odd. But it was fun!

  5. Yasher says:

    You guys have had more snow there, then we have had here (in the lower mainland)! What do we need snow for? We’re just hosting the Winter Olympics! LOL

    Glad your gang enjoyed it! You have to love that snow that is here today and gone tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Tami says:

    That is crazy. The snow. But the rest is pretty upsetting as well.
    Oh, bwya. I was scrolling down your side bar. Christian-check, mother-check, military wife-check, homeschooler-check, knitter-check, blogger-check! We have so much in common. This could be the beginning of a wonderful blogship, and then. . .PACKERS FAN? WHAT? How can it be? 🙂 What’s a Vikings girl to do?

    • turn the other cheek?


      • Tami says:

        I guess we could agree to disagree on this one issue. Convert to the green and gold. . .that’s just not possible.
        I have to let you know that when I talk smack about the Vikes and Pack, it is all in fun. Some of my best friends have been Packers fans, and we have such a good time teasing one another. My brother-in-law is a huge Packers fan, we try not to hold it against him. 😉
        I do have to say it was surprising when I was reading your side bar. We have a lot in common.

  7. Amy says:

    I think you may have gotten more snow in one day than North Idaho has gotten all year!! It’s nuts! Glad your fam had so much fun!

    The only bummer for me is that I put out some good money on good snow boots this year.

  8. My husband is from Texas, originally from San Antonio but his parents live in Amarillo now. They got more snow than us this winter and we live in N.H.! I think the whole country got extra snow this winter except for us 🙂

    I’m enjoying your blog 🙂 I just found it today from another site. I’ll have to tell my husband that I found another Texan blog. He sneaks peeks at the blogs I read, especially the ones written by authors from Texas. He misses living there.

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