Another Late 7QT (Saturday instead of Friday)


As I mentioned on Monday, I was listening to the first two books in the Percy Jackson series on audiobook.  After I finished, I decided I did not want to listen to the rest on audiobook (I didn’t care for the narrator’s rendering much) so I read the last 3 books of the series.  It was so nice to actually read!  The books got better as they progressed through the series and in this case, reading, instead of listening, made a huge difference to me.

Some reviewer is quoted as saying these are “the next Harry Potter”.  Not quite.  Not even close, in my opinion, but they were good and the stories are fun.  I would recommend them, but I wouldn’t compare them to HP.


Milky White has been listening/reading these books, too.  Yesterday, I took Milky White to see Percy Jackson/Lightning Thief.

I was extremely disappointed.  This is not the typical, “of course they had to leave some things out” disappointment.  They changed the story. They changed the characters.  They left out REALLY important things (of course, they kind of had to since they change the story.)  Only the the smallest bit of Rick Riordan’s imaginative world of Percy Jackson remained.  Shame, really.

If you’ve not read the books, you’d probably enjoy the movie.  If you’ve read them and are wondering if you should go see it, I wouldn’t spend theater money it it.


It is below freezing AGAIN.  Enough already!


Last night was opening night for  “The Wiz”.  We almost never go to opening night, so I am not sure how it went, but I think it probably went very well.  We’ll be going to see it sometime next weekend, I think.


Lent is REALLY right around the corner.  This Wednesday is already Ash Wednesday!  I still don’t have a “plan” in place.  What are you going to do this year?


Once again, I am behind schedule.  I wanted to send out a couple of packages to my “far-away” kids for Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t.  *sigh*  I’ve just about got everything together, though…  I’d love to say that counts for something, but it doesn’t.


I think I need to go to the commissary today.  I really don’t want to, but I need to just do it.  Of course, that means I need to come up with a menu so I can come up with a list.  Perhaps I should be doing that instead of this.  This is more enjoyable, though!

Even though I am not formally participating in 7 Quick Takes again this week because I am too late for it, I do urge you to go to Jen’s and see what she and other’s blogged about in the most recent edition of 7 Quick Takes.


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