7 Quick Takes (Vol 65)

Extremely Random and Boring Edition



The kids are flying in this afternoon and will be at the house around dinner time. I still have so much to do. I’ve backed out of a field trip to the fire station in order to get everything done. My dear friend, Em, has generously provided us with some pumpkin bread, easing my baking load. Actually, Em offered and her lovely daughter, Cookie, baked the bread. They make such yummy pumpkin bread.


My poor blog has been so neglected these past few weeks. I have a few posts started, but I never seem to have the time to flesh them out. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or if it just “is.” I have been struggling with a couple of entry ideas in particular because just as I started to get it going, I was contacted by someone with some questions on the very same topics. Now I worry that if I address them publicly that this person will think that I am somehow using them as “blog fodder” (which is quite silly) or will just feel badly about seeing their own questions and concerns posted like that. I guess I can just let them know that this was already on deck and that I’m going to continue to write (or at least I plan on doing so.)


I went to Ditch and Stitch last night. Yup, went. We moved it to KC’s house to make it more convenient for her while her husband is deployed. It was very nice to spend time with KC and V away from home. 🙂 I love having people over, but it was very nice to go over to KC’s and spend time there.


After the bitter cold last week, it warmed up quite nicely and was much more normal. Twice this past week, our high was in the low 60’s and it was sunny and bright and fresh. Now that SuperSoldier is leaving gloomy, chilly, rainy Washington, it is gloomy and rainy here. But still, it is not cold, so I won’t complain. Besides, next week, we’re supposed to hit the 70’s! (low 20’s C) Yippee!


Do you remember my spoon “issue”? I mentioned that as each of the older boys moved out that I had hope that the issue would resolve itself, but that I thought it did not. I have to reconsider that. It would seem that the spoon issue is resolved. I still have all of the teaspoons I did on the day I wrote about that pain in my rear. But now it seems that the forks have just about all gone missing! Spoons for boys, forks for girls??? I don’t know. I do know that I realized a day or two ago that we do not even have enough forks for everyone (everyone, meaning the two older boys and my daughter-in-law) and certainly no spares. I am going to go and buy new flatware today. I really hope that this is the end of my spoons and forks trouble. (By the way, no one seems to care about butter knives. I think I have every single one from the last 2 sets we’ve owned, plus some from even older sets!)


Here is a picture of TheBoy in his favorite birthday gift. I added this picture to his birthday post, but it was missed by some and I was fussed at for adding it rather than posting it on its own, so to make sure that everyone can see….

Is that better, friend?


Can someone please explain to me how it is that my desk and the bookshelves above it seem to collect all kinds of things and large quantities of such things? There is always so much junk there. It is an eyesore. I have been thinking about getting some cabinet doors made to close it all up. That will not help with the horizontal surface of the desk, but at least it can shut away all the stuff on the shelves.  *sigh*

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8 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol 65)

  1. KC says:

    TheBoy is awfully cute! Thanks for posting the pic.

    I had a great time having y’all over.

  2. Kathleen says:

    #5 is hilarious! In our house they haven’t gone missing, but we seem to go through ridiculous #s of the small spoons and small bowls.

  3. Jenny says:

    We call my 5yo The Boy! After 3 girls, it seemed natural.

  4. Dawn Farias says:

    Mmmm… pumpkin bread sounds good.

    I would just tell your friend that you already had those posts brewing, KWIM?

  5. AmmieJo says:

    Spoons? Me too! I didn’t know it was a boy thing. But it totally makes sense!

    I put things on my “desk” intending to go through it later. Thing is, later is always, later and not now. kwim?

    Love ya

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