Not quite, but almost Ordinary

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This is the last day of the Christmas season.  Tomorrow, Christmas is truly behind us and Ordinary Time begins.  How wise is the Church that Christmas is not reduced to one day, but also that Ordinary Time comes again fairly soon after that one, extraordinary day.


Ordinary doesn’t seem like a big enough word to hold everything that ordinary means, does it?  If ordinary only meant something boring or simply mundane, how could it be used to describe half of every year?


Look at Michele Q.’s liturgical calendar (or any, but hers are ones you can get for printing or for your desktop ~ a gift from a kind, creative woman.)  Look at all of that green.  More than half of the year is green ~ just about thirty-two out of 52 weeks.  Green is Ordinary Time.


Ordinary?  Yes, this is a tricky word.  There was nothing ordinary about the life of Our Lord and His work of Salvation.  Ordinary time in the liturgical year is not simply a marking of days until we can get to the “good stuff” of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.   Jesus lived and worked for our salvation His entire earthly life and continues to offer that one, complete sacrifice to His Father in that great, perpetual NOW.


Ordinary time is no waste of time, it is a celebration of the things in between.  There was nothing ordinary about the 30 years Our Lord spent in simple family life.  Let me say it again this way:  God does not waste time. The work of Salvation began, truly began, at the Annunciation and Our Lady’s Fiat.  Doesn’t this say that ordinary is packed full of meaning?  Daily, ordinary, (“routine”) life is sanctified by Our Lord’s own 30 years of ordinary.  Does anyone believe He sat idly for those years?  Certainly not.  By His life, death and resurrection He has purchased for us the rewards of eternal life.  His life.  His whole life.


The first thirty years of His life on earth were spent in this “ordinary” existence.  Family life, education, faith, work, play, celebration, sorrow and joy.  A life, in many ways, just like my life.  Jesus’ public ministry,  just 3 short years, came after spending 30 in ordinary life.  Just a tithe of that time. This more than anything else shows me how valuable the ordinary is ~ my own ordinary life as well as the Ordinary Time of the Church’s year.


Hurray for ordinary!  I am so glad to welcome it, even as I look toward the beginning of Lent in just 6 short weeks.




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One Response to Not quite, but almost Ordinary

  1. KC says:

    I’ve seen that Lent is only those short weeks away. Ack!

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