7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 62)

Making a List Edition


One week until Christmas!  This week’s Quick Takes entry is a “making a list” edition…

We are unsure about whether or not SuperSoldier will make it back for Christmas.  It looks like a quick deployment is on the horizon for him, so I hope he comes even more than I did a week ago!  If he comes, there are 8 or 10  of his friends whom he’d like to invite over for Christmas dinner.  These are soldiers he trained with who are stationed here.  It would be nice to know if he (and they!) are coming.  If I’m having 8 – 10 guests for Christmas dinner, I will need to take out a second turkey (have you seen a soldier devour a home cooked meal?!)  Whether or not his friends come will also determine how many pies I need to bake and whether or not I need to make up some extra stockings.



  • Take out turkey to thaw
  • Bake sugar cookies
  • Double check gifts
  • Put up “O Adonai” “ornament”



  • Bake Vanille Kipferl
  • Sort stocking stuff
  • Buy stocking stuffer stuff if necessary
  • Put up “O Radix Jesse” ornament
  • Mix up triple batch of sugar cookie dough



  • Bake lots of sugar cookies!!!
  • Put up “O Clavis David” ornament



  • Decorate cookies with KC’s kids (oops, put this on the wrong day!) Put piping on sugar cookies
  • Put up “O Oriens” ornament
  • Find the girls something to wear on Christmas (yes, very late, thankyouverymuch ~ but hey, *I* have something to wear!)



  • Put up “O Rex Gentium”
  • Decorate cookies with KC’s kids
  • Hopefully know if I should take out a second turkey and hopefully take it out!
  • Bake chocolate Crinkles



  • Put up “O Emmanuel” ornament
  • Go to the commissary for last minute food items
  • Bake Peanut Blossoms
  • Bake bonbon cookies/Mexican wedding cookies
  • Buy BEER!



  • Turn all O Antiphon ornaments to show “Ero Cras” —“Tommorow I Come”
  • Roast second turkey (if necessary)
  • Peel potatoes, make casseroles, prepare stuffing
  • Make potato soup
  • Pick up rolls from bakery
  • Get ham ready for oven
  • Go to Vigil Mass
  • Begin celebrating Christmas with special dinner and gift exchange
  • Santa’s work begins after the kids go to bed

I just love this week.  I love the prayers of the Church, I love the excitement of the children, I love the last of the preparations that we began nearly 4 Sundays ago!  I just love it!

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9 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 62)

  1. Therese says:

    What a great 7 takes! I love this week as well!

  2. Young Mom says:

    I hope your soldier makes it home in time for Christmas!

    • Thanks, Young Mom! I hope he does, too. The other soldierson will be spending Christmas with his new in-laws. I’ll miss him, but they’re really really wonderful people, so I’m glad he’s going to have a good Christmas. Besides, if they get this year, we get next year, right? And that means baby’s first Christmas, right?!

  3. KC says:

    Monday? I had it down as Tuesday. Let me know!

    We are very excited.

  4. Dawn says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of doing! Your excitement is wonderful.

  5. ammiejo says:

    I pray SuperSoldier gets to spend Christmas with you and his friends! It IS an exciting week!

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