Screenshot of my weather widget for Lake Tahoe (taken this morning)

updated weather widget for Lake Tahoe

It is SIX FOUR DEGREES?! And it is going to snow the whole time we are there?!  Yikes.

I dug out my birkenstock clogs and put them in the freezer with bags of water in them to stretch them.  My open-toed birks are not going to cut it!!!  Supposedly this putting bags of water in the shoes and freezing them (the water expands as it freezes) will stretch them out anywhere between ½ and 1 shoe size.  I can wear birk sandals with no problem, but the clogs never quite cut it.  Though I was pleased that they fit better yesterday than they did before.   When I tried them on, they were actually quite comfortable.  I guess some of that 30 31 lbs I lost came from my feet.   I’m not taking any chances, though!


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4 Responses to Eeeek!!

  1. Lisa Sweet says:

    Congratulations on the 31 lbs!! Good for you!
    Interesting way to stretch those clogs. Never heard of that before.
    Four degrees is quite cold; pack your long underwear and have a great time!
    We got 8 inches of snow yesterday. The kids are thrilled.
    We get to go pick up College girl at the airport today. Yay! Glad the snow was yesterday.

    • Yay!!! I’m so glad College Girl is home today! Love the kids’ welcome home signs.

      You’re cracking me up. Do you seriously think we own any long underwear here? I don’t even know where I’d find any. I went to the store for sweaters last night and all I could find were ones that you would probably call “summer sweaters”! I bought some… they should help, but yikes it’s gonna be cold!

      • Lisa Sweet says:

        No long johns, huh? Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to find a cowboy hat in a store here to save my life, either.
        Try to stay warm and have a great time.

  2. Dawn says:

    31 pounds!!! FABULOUS!

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