I Didn’t Bake

Yesterday, I didn’t bake. I did mix up some Chocolate Crinkle dough. It has to sit in the fridge for several hours (or overnight) so once I put it up, I just never got back to it. While I was cleaning up, I was aggravated surprised to see that even in 25° weather, we still have flies!

What the heck? Doesn't he know it's winter?!

While I didn’t bake, I did work on our O Antiphon craft. We will need to go back to this several more times before we finish, but I am hoping it will be worth it.

The front of these will have the artwork and the antiphon spelled out (still deciding whether to use the small wooden letters glued to the frame or if it would be better to paint the words.) One side of the large “O” (frame), the front, is already purple. The back side, where the large letter will go, is yet unpainted. I’m still deciding what color to paint the back. The large letters (as you can see) are gold. I am thinking about painting the back of the “O”/Frame (where they will be attached) red.

Cold days are perfect for a fire.

While I was inside crafting and keeping warm by the fire (and even doing a little cleaning) SuperSoldier was busy giving me my Christmas gift (early). He went out and bought lights for the house and some cute little lighted candy canes and was busy putting them up! I love Christmas lights (when not overdone!) but it didn’t look hopeful for me to have them up this year. SuperSoldier knew this would be a great gift for mom and bought lights and put them up. It was a pain for him, but he did it and they look great!

Another thing I did while SuperSoldier was out hanging lights and Chief was looking for a tux to purchase (we cannot find his dress blues anywhere!) was to get things prepared for St Nick’s visit.

You can find a pattern for the mitre at the SaintNicholasCenter. I used the small pattern and it was a bit snug for the russel stover (I don’t normally buy these, but it was all I could find at the time. Later I found Lindt Nicholas’ at Target for about $3.50 each… which is better than I would pay at the German store… those were about $8! I guess I was looking too early, but I have had problems finding them at all in the past.)

Waiting for a visit....

Delivery Complete!

What nice goodies he brings.

And, of course, just one more picture…..

Just because….

Happy Second Sunday of Advent!


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3 Responses to I Didn’t Bake

  1. Dawn says:

    You’re such a great mom.

    We have that same Buzz costume!

  2. Carla says:

    🙂 Your posts make me smile!

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