A Look at Our Advent (episode 1)

We had a pretty good first Monday of Advent.

Saint Andrew's Cross Cookies

Saint Andrew Ornament (made by MilkyWhite)

My artist showing off her work ( yes, that is a fire in the fireplace. we were COLD yesterday!)



TheBoy Coloring Santa decorations





Chief got into the attic and found all of my Advent and Christmas items.  I found that our votive cups for our Advent wreath were broken when I opened the box and unwrapped it.  That could be a real bummer if it weren’t for the fact that I have several Advent Wreaths leftover from my store stock.  Chief just went back up to the attic and got another.  Problem solved.

I also found that I have a lot more boxes of Advent and Christmas things than I realized!  Oy!  It is nice to know that I have plenty of boxes and bows and things, but wow it’s a lot of stuff.  I can’t seem to find a lot of my Advent and Christmas picture books, but I do have most of them.  I might head over to B&N and see if they have any of the ones that I’m missing.  Or I might just do without.  There are a lot of books in the pile…

So, yeah, there are quite a few books there.  Many are for Advent, but some are also for Christmas and won’t be read for a while.  I’ll go over the Christmas Mosaic book list and see if I can figure out which are missing that really ought to be found or replaced and maybe I’ll decide that there is a book or two that we never had that we’d like to have this year.

Here again are the plans for today:


St Edmond Campion ornament

Jesse tree ornament


Collect for the 1st Sunday of Advent, Advent wreath readings and devotion and the Rosary


from “The Jesse Tree” by Geraldine McCaughrean and short bio of St Edmond


Chocolate Crinkles


make paper chains

give the kids their (chocolate) Advent Calendars


the toy/play room

Also today, Father Alberto is stopping by for lunch and to pick up an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I am looking forward to seeing him!

How is your Advent shaping up?


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One Response to A Look at Our Advent (episode 1)

  1. Carla says:

    Looks like you packed a lot into the day!

    And yum… chocolate crinkles!

    I need to get on the ball. I haven’t put any decorations up or anything. Ian even asked why we don’t have a Christmas tree. But I do have freshly steamed carpets. I guess we win some and we lose some!

    Enjoy your day!

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