Black Friday

Yesterday, we went out to the Christmas tree farm down the road a bit. We wanted something fun to do and we wanted to get out to the farm before the trees were too picked over. Purchasing and putting up a tree this early is new for us. We’ve only done it for the past couple of years. (a live tree is also new for us… Chief preferred an artificial tree to try and stave off allergy symptoms. Now that we live in CenTex, the cedar capital of the world [no, really. It must be true] it really doesn’t matter as he, like the rest of us, is miserable with allergy problems from October through February anyway. Getting a live tree again this year was his call.)


(TheBoy has “boy beer”  a.k.a. sparkling cider… no worries!)

It was a really fun time.


We put up the tree early and use it as part of our Advent celebration. We start off by slowly putting purple decorations on it, adding a little each day. We also add pink(rose) on Gaudete Sunday. Each day we add the Jesse Tree ornament as well. This year we are going to make new ornaments.

I will be printing out Jesse ornament images found on the internet We will be affixing these to some wood bases and decoupaging them to make a more permanent ornament than we have used in the past.

Here are some links for Jesse symbol patterns (there are many others, I’m sure):

From the Diocese of Erie, PA

From OSV

From Domestic Church

This year, in addition to the Jesse Tree symbols, we will also be adding symbols of Saints whose feasts/memorials are during Advent and we will also be making ornaments for the O Antiphons I will be heading out to Hobby Lobby and WallyWorld today to get supplies. I’ll invite Mrs.SoldierSon to come along with me

We will be putting up the tree tomorrow evening after Sgt&MrsSoldierSon leave (well, that’s the plan, anyway.) I am really looking forward to all of the crafty goodness we have planned for this year to keep the kids engaged and focused on Advent. Watch for entries documenting these activities (well, at least some of them.)

I love this time of anticipation, of good Advent books, baking, crafting and so on. I can hardly stand waiting even one more day to begin. Plus I can’t wait to smell the fir in my house. 🙂


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4 Responses to Black Friday

  1. Michelle says:

    Hope you don’t mind I think I’ll bootleg some of your Christmas ornament ideas.

  2. KC says:

    Our group will be putting together O Antiphon houses this year for our Advent activities. I’ll bring one for you if you’d like. I’m going out to Michael’s to find some.

    You gotta love the boys sitting on the floral comforter covered bed in the pink room drinking beer. Awesome!

  3. mum6kids says:

    I love the photos you post.
    enjoy the tree-i bet cedar gives off a lovely scent.
    We need to get down to making the Jesse tree symbols again this year.
    God bless-happy beginning of Advent.

  4. Jess says:

    how fun! I think we will be going there this year too. We have never had a real tree before and the kids are so excited!

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