Reform CCHD now.

I know that many of my friends and I have had a lot of concerns about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for quite some time ~ and with very good cause.   This campaign has contributed and is planning to contribute to many organization that support and defend things that are against our Catholic faith.  CCHD is scheduled to be collected this coming Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King

It seems that while ACORN is no longer receiving funds from CCHD, there are several other organizations who support things contrary to Catholic teaching that are scheduled to receive funds from them.  What kinds of things, you wonder?  How about abortion? Contraception? Gay marriage?

The Bellarmine Veritas Ministry is on the front lines of this, watching what CCHD is up to and where any monies we contribute will go.  Through their efforts, some things have changed, but others have not.  You can also go to Reform CCHD Now for more information.  There you will find a coupon that can be placed in the collection basket instead of a check.  This will send a message to the bishops that we are serious about where our money goes.

But don’t stop with refusing to contribute. If you don’t give money to this campaign (and I’ll be honest.  I hope you don’t), be sure that you do give somewhere.  Chief and I are going to consider giving what would have been our gift to CCHD to Central Texas Voices for Life instead.  This is our local prolife group.  We know where the money goes and that they will not use it to support anything opposed to our Catholic faith and morals.  Maybe you want to give to St. Vincent de Paul.  Or send a check to Priests for Life.  There are plenty of good, faithful charities out there who can use our funds.

Those of us who are concerned about this “special collection” are not encouraging anyone to not give.  We just don’t want to see you give your money to any organization who supports the killing of innocent children or anything else that is against the faith.  We want you to give to an organization who will respect your faith and morals and do the work that you wish you could do yourself:  feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit and ransom captives, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and bury the dead.


p.s.  I would like to thank our Deacon, Klaus, for acknowledging the controversy over the CCHD from the pulpit this weekend.  He didn’t tell anyone what to do, but he did encourage research.


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  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for this information.

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