7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 58)



Mac’s appointment was a bit of a disappointment in the sense that the problem with my computer is not the graphic chip (it passed all assessments 3 separate times) and seems to be a problem with the actual display.  That is disappointing because Apple won’t fix that for free!  They do have a “flat rate” repair program, but I was not eligible because of a dent by one of the ports that is “right on the logic board”.  We’ll have to order a new display and Chief will swap it out.  Mac’s out of warranty anyway, so he’ll just do it here at home.


Interestingly enough, Mac performed beautifully all day yesterday and it is working fine so far today.  When I woke up yesterday, I opened up the computer and it didn’t work immediately, but about an hour or so later, the display kicked in and it has worked flawlessly since.  I’m afraid to move it, but hey, it’s working, so why rock the boat?  Of course, it would be nice to have that corner of the kitchen table back…


I was really surprised by the Go, Dog. Go! shows last weekend.  When I read the script prior to auditions, I thought, “what a stupid show!”  It actually turned out to be quite fun.  I’m finally burning the DVD’s from Go, Dog. Go!  I think they turned out fairly well.  I only had one minor “issue” with iDVD and formatting one part, but it’s pretty insignificant, so I hit the burn button.


SuperSoldier will arrive at home in 8 days!!!!  WhooHoo!!!!  I am so excited!  About a week later, SgtSoldierSon and Mrs.SoldierSon arrive.  Chief, me and our 7 kids around the table!  How sweet is that?!


I’ve been off of the computer for the most part for several days.  It has been really nice to detach a bit.  Often when Mac was acting up and I needed to contact someone, I just used my super cool iPhone 3GS.  Those little keys drive me crazy, so even that time was kept to a minimum most of the time.  (I did “AIM” with SuperSoldier a couple of times and that was a good long time, but mostly I kept it short.)  Funny what I found time for by doing this…


On Sunday, I switched knitting gears and casted on a gansey sweater.  (aka jersey, aka guernsey.) These are traditional fishing sweaters that are knit in the round, seamlessly, from the bottom up.  They have some distinct “parts” and that is what makes them what they are.  I’ve completed the first 4 sections and am working on the fifth.  It measures about 14 inches from the bottom edge.  When I complete the 5th section (or maybe before…), I will start the armpit gussets. I am modifying the pattern a bit and instead of using an 8 inch gusset, I’ll bring it down to about 4 inches.  Too much under the arms would be annoying.  The pattern I’m using also calls for an unfinished neck.  Rather than simple stockinette that rolls, I’ll make a ribbed neckline.  My goal was to be done by Sunday, but I don’t know if I can do that.  I’m going to try, though.  Here is a sneak peek at what is done so far:





Last night was “Ditch and Stitch”… except that I forgot.  LOL.  I was sitting at the table working on the DVD, waiting for dinner to finish (it was late)  when the doorbell rang.  I was expecting a delivery, so I figured that’s what it was ~ until the girls called out, “Mom!  Mrs. P is here!”  Then I remembered!  KC came in, we had a chuckle about me forgetting (and I thanked God the house was not a total disaster!)  I told KC I’d really like to take a shower since I hadn’t taken one yet and set the kids to tidying what needed tidying and to give the powder room a once over.  After that we spent the next couple of hours having a lovely time.  We even knitted a little, too!

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8 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 58)

  1. Therese says:

    That sweater is beautiful!

    • thanks. the yarn is a “heather” so it isn’t showing the patterns as much as i would like, but still, i think it’s turning out fairly well. Shouldn’t be too much longer now. i hope!

      next time i’ll try a plainer yarn.

  2. Julia says:

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a traditional fishing sweater. Interesting.

    • Yeah, there is! They date back to the 15th century or so and were quite practical as well as beautiful. You can read a bit on the history at wiki:


      As I said, they traditionally have a number of “parts” that make them “authentic” and are knit without seams (not that there is no weaving in of ends as it requires many balls of yarn!). They were most commonly used by seamen/fisherman off the coast of England/Ireland as the tight knitting and the wool made them resistant to water. I’ve read that there is some dispute about this fact, but I still find it an interesting thought:

      Each village/area had a basic design that they used. It not only identified the wearers as “neighbors” it also could help identify seaman who were lost at sea and whose bodies washed up to shore.

  3. ammiejo says:

    Glad to “see” you! I hope Mac will hold out for you until you can get him fixed.
    The sweater is a beautiful color!
    And now the countdown begins!! Yay!!

    • Thanks, Ammie! I kind of wish it were a different color, but ultimately I chose it because it was already in my stash. I really need to try to use more of that stash up! It’s not a bad color. I just think I would have preferred something a bit different. Chestnut is nice, though.

  4. mum6kids says:

    Computers seem to like mules, often they work well plodding along and at other times for no apparent reason they get all stubborn and grumpy.
    Glad to see you here though 🙂

    • Yes, i suppose you’re right, though this is my first personal experience with that behavior! My Macs have always been SO reliable. This is quite frustrating. I guess I’ll just roll with it and when it works, use it and when it doesn’t, hmmmm…. maybe I’ll do my real job?! 😀

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