Brain Spill

Mac’s appt was cancelled.  We’ll reschedule as soon as we can.

Today is Chief’s birthday!


Happy, happy birthday, Chief!  Wow.  47.  And a grandpa!

The Packers are playing at noon, so if we can tune it in, we’ll watch that game.  They’re playing the Browns, so it should be a decent stomping ~ it’s great Chief will get to see them win a game on his birthday (again, IF we get it here. Hrmph!)  We have presents and will go to Cracker Barrel for a meal (Chief’s choice) and we have a movie to watch together later.  He wants a relaxed day.  I think we can give him that.

Love you, hun.  I hope today’s a great day for you!

Today is Priesthood Sunday.

I will be offering up the graces of my Mass for our parish priest, Fr. R, for a friend, Fr. A and for every priest who has ever come into my life in any way.  And, of course, for Chief, too.

I usually bring a coloring sheet to Mass for TheBoy.  Sometimes, after Mass, he likes to give his creation for Father.  Today I’ll be bringing Charlotte’s St. John Mary Vianney Coloring Page for him to color and give to Father after Mass.

The New Beds


Well, the bed up in TheBoy’s room is quite comfortable.  I know.  I slept there most of the night.  *sigh*  Transitions take time, right?

Poor guy is so used to stretching out on a king size with me that he fell out of bed!  These are those tall mattresses (our sheets actually fit on them!) so it was quite a spill.  He recovered quickly and easily, but boy was the crash loud and scary from downstairs.

He likes his Lightning McQueen sheets and his Spiderman comforter.  Now if we would just get in there and give him some “boy” paint!  His room used to be TheMadHatter’s room and is a lovely shade of purple.  (The guest room is HOT PINK… really, really loud!  That needs paint, too. All in good time, I suppose.)



TheQueenofHearts had a decent time at Homecoming.  It wasn’t a blast, but it was alright.

Friday Night


Seems to have been a success all around.  TheQueenofHearts’ babysitting gig went very well, the sleepover we had here was a lot of fun and TheMadHatter had fun at her friend’s house, too


TheBoy is going to his first birthday party this week!  Carla’s son, Ian, is turning 4 and will be having a “SuperHero” party Thursday at a local park.  It should be so much fun!  I really hope that little T-storm graphic on my weather widget for Thursday disappears! It would be terrible to have rain that day! (or the day before… mud.  My favorite.)

I will get to meet Carla’s husband, too, since he will be home on R&R.  Yay!


Saturday night we are going to a promotion party for KC‘s husband, Ben.  Congrats, Ben!  Many thanks, in advance, to KC’s mom for cooking up all of that yummy Korean food I’m looking forward to!



Next Sunday is All Saints’ Day, MilkyWhite’s birthday, and Rosebud’s baptism.  I left the choice as to whether or not we attend the party after the baptism up to MilkyWhite and she thinks she wants to do that.

If Rosebud’s gift gets shipped right away on Monday or Tuesday, it should be here in plenty of time.  I sure hope it is, anyway!  Rosebud’s mom knows I tend to run behind of stuff, so I’m sure she’ll be forgiving if it is not here yet. 🙂

Rosebud has some awesome godparents, btw.


I am getting behind on Christmas shopping (and wrapping) and I need to get it together.  I’m going to get started back up this week.  There is so much happening this year.  I really have to start taking care of things so I am not a maniac mom during Advent.


There you have it.  Neither the first, nor the last, brain spill on my blog.  Have a great Sunday!

God bless you!




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7 Responses to Brain Spill

  1. Dawn says:

    . Happy Birthday to your Chief! You have a lovely blog. Glad to have discovered it. Blessings!

  2. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday Chief!! Much love and prayers. The new bed makes the boy look so little. He sure looks comfy though. QoH looks great! Glad she had a good time. The girls had a blast. A was proud to have a spot on the blog. :0) They were up late after their nap. lol And *ahem* what are we, chopped liver? 1st party? Guess you meant “non-family”. :0P Birthdays sure seem to have rolled around quicker this year. sheesh. Love the flowers. I wish I could grow some without deer eating them. Oh..and hope Mac is better soon! There ya go..mopped up your brain spill. hehe

  3. KC says:

    Don’t forget Ben’s promotion party!

    Queen of Hearts looked beautiful!

    Happy Birthday, Chief!! Hope the day is relaxing.

  4. Dawn says:

    “brain spill” that’s a good one.

    Busy busy, eh? I love the homecoming dress!!

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