5mart Martha Monday

Christ in the House of Martha and MaryTherese over at Aussie Coffee Shop has a weekly meme called 5mart Martha Monday.  Each Monday, she (and others) blog 5 goals for the week.  It is a very simple meme (my kind of meme!)  Therese sums it up in this way:

Each week you choose 5 things you want to accomplish that make you a smart Martha.

This week I’ve got a few more than 5 important goals. They are pretty easy to divide into 2 groups:  The temporal and the spiritual.  While this is actually 10 things, it is 5 of each.  Maybe mine is a little more Martha and Mary!

Here are my Marthas  (temporal/practical work goals):

1) Clean and organize my closet and the craft closet

2) Get a menu plan together and stick to it!

3) Work on a convalidation (not sure what can be done this week, but whatever I can do, I will)

4) Clear the surface of my desk again and keep it clear

5) Get to between ⅓ and ½ of the baptismal garment edging done. I will need to do about six pattern repeats a day to get on track.  Eeep.  That may not be a realistic goal, but I’m going to try.

Here are my Marys (spiritual goals):

1) pray the rosary everyday

2) pray the chaplet of divine mercy everyday

3) practice the virtue of patience in my home (pms should kick into high gear by the end of the week, so this could be a challenge!)

4) carve out at least one, straight hour each day for dedicated prayer and protect it!

5) fast one day this week

So, yeah, this isn’t quite what Therese does, but I think it works for me!  If you’d like to share your 5 goals, head over to Therese’s post for this week and leave a comment letting her know you’ve blogged about them.


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8 Responses to 5mart Martha Monday

  1. Therese says:

    oh that is a good idea. I need to think about doing 5 spiritual things each week too.

    The meme actually started because I was suggesting we could write up goals each week.

    Shelly from The keeper of the keys suggested it could be called 5mart Martha Monday. She even came up with the 5 instead of the s. I thought she was pretty clever.

    Thanks so much for participating this week.

    • I think it’s a great meme… start out our “work week” with particular goals in mind. Making them public makes me feel more accountable. I don’t want to have to report that I only got 20% or something (though I’m sure there will be plenty of times when that is the case!)

  2. Michelle says:

    This is great! May I do it on my blog too? At least the temporal/practical work goals.

  3. Therese says:

    Great list! I am thinking I need to work on this myself!

  4. cindy says:

    Boy, that is a great list! Wish I’d have thought of those thing too.

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