Argh. Wrong Decision!

Our decision to not renew the NFL package and switch to cable was the wrong one.  I am pretty aggravated as I sit here and type this, knowing the Packers are playing at Lambeau Field and I can’t watch the game!  ARGH!  Next year, we’re switching back and resubscribing to the NFL package.  hrmph!  I am dedicating my coin jars to this goal. 😀


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8 Responses to Argh. Wrong Decision!

  1. Cathy says:

    *ahem* What was that comment you made to me about us switching? :0P sorry you’re missing your game though.

  2. Carla S says:

    What is it with this place anyway? Cowboys and Texans… blech! You’d think they were the only football teams on the face of the planet. Of course, I have no sympathy for the Packers either. I have GOOD taste in football. Go Colts (who were on BYE week this week!) and Go Bucs (because if I don’t say that my husband will disown me!) 🙂

    • I’ll have you know that I have a deep affection for the Colts! If there is no Packers game playing and the choices are a TX team or Colts, I’ll pick the Colts every time! …. now, the Bucs??? Uhhh….. uhh…..

  3. Therese says:

    I am sad you missed the Packer game-it was a good one-as much as I saw it with my family over to celebrate Alexandra’s baptism!

    • *sigh* Never again. This is the last season like this! Bah! I’m glad it was a good game. I hear they stomped the Lions (not that that is as impressive as it will be when they stomp the Vikings at Lambeau!)

  4. Randall says:

    I don’t recall those names as hockey teams?

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