Your Assistance, Please

Cord Mess

Today I worked on my desk.  Again.  It is nice to have the junk off of the surface, but ARGH! the cords!  All that I have here are the following:

  • iPhone Charger
  • iPod Touch Charger
  • Kids’ Cell Charger
  • Computer Adapter

What an eyesore!!!  Yet I need to have all of the things here, easily accessible… what to do?

I have only come up with one idea for this…. I thought to buy a bread box (if I can find one that looks decent) and knock a huge hole in the back and feed all of these cords and the power strip into it.  I can access the things easily, yet keep it closed and out of view.

Any other ideas?  Thanks!


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9 Responses to Your Assistance, Please

  1. KC says:

    There are a bunch of charger holders like that. The basic idea is the same. I just put them in a basket out of view until needed.

    • Have you seen them big enough for a power strip? I’ve not seen one that big, but if someone does make one, that would work just fine… well, as long as it was big enough to cover ALL of that mess up.

      I *really* need something I can leave on the desk. Putting them in and out of a drawer or basket would result in my finding myself in the same place I am today… just leaving them instead of putting them up again.

  2. SAHMinIL says:

    What about a Charger Station.

    Target has a few to choose from; Link to Target

  3. Carla says:

    We have a charger station that we use and like. It makes things pretty neat unless I am moving my cords around the house. It’s decent sized and a small power strip would probably fit.

  4. Dawn says:

    If you keep your bread basket idea, why don’t you get a nice wicker basket instead and cut out the back. Then it would be like a decoration, too.

  5. K says:

    If you try Target instore they may be on clearance! We were there today and they had some on clearance in electronics and some on clearance by the picture frames. They all looked big enough for a power strip.

  6. I bought a charger station (a cheap one to give it a go) I was SURE it was big enough, but it really isn’t. I did “cram” stuff in, but it’s really not big enough. And it’s black (yuck) but really, it was super cheap and worth trying out. Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea these things were made even as big as this one. If I can find a larger one, I will be in business!

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