Shopping and SoldierBoy

I had a great Saturday!…

I had a great day yesterday.  I went shopping.  Normally, I don’t like shopping.  I really don’t.  I have become much happier since internet shopping became available.  I can get things I need without having to go out and shop!  (I’m still waiting for the commissary and HEB to do online ordering and delivery of my groceries!)  But yesterday, I went and I loved it!

My dear friend, Em and I went out of town and did some shopping.  I had some birthday shopping to do for The Queen of Hearts and Em had something to return.  I begged asked Em if she’d like to come down with me to make the whole shopping experience less painful and it was not only less painful, it was fun!

After having several days of cooler weather, it got pretty hot yesterday, so that part wasn’t fun (it is an “outdoor” mall) but the rest was great.  I ended up getting some Christmas gifts as well as a birthday gift.  Em and I had lunch at La Madeleine (what a yummy place!) and made a quick stop at Toys R Us back in our own town before we headed home.

It was so great to get out and spend those hours with Em.  It was fun to get away from home (that mall is about 45 minutes away) get some shopping done, and enjoy kid-free time with a dear friend.

Not only was I able to get the birthday gift that I needed for The Queen of Hearts, I also purchased small Christmas gifts for all 3 girls and a larger gift for TheBoy.  When I came home, I ordered another gift for The Queen of Hearts’ birthday from amazon (yay for procrastination!  the price went down since I first looked at it!).  I am feeling somewhat prepared right now, even though I’ve barely made a dent in the Christmas shopping and it’s already October!  (well, practically!)  More importantly, I am feeling refreshed after the time well spent with a very dear friend and, of course, the time away from home (even I appreciate that once in a while!)

Thank you, Em!!!!!

SoldierBoy news…

I got word that SoldierBoy was picked up for promotion (both by numbers and on the “by name” list) and will be promoted to SGT, effective 1 October.  His pinning/ceremony will be on his birthday and Chief will be able to attend!  How great is that?!

SoldierBoy is also seeing someone.  He really, really likes her.  He sent a picture and she is quite lovely to look at and he assures me that she is as nice as she is beautiful!  (I’d love to share the picture with you, but I don’t feel it is my place to do that.)

It is interesting to me that with the last girl that he was seeing, even without meeting her, I had an uncomfortable feeling about her as soon as I heard of her.  I initially brushed it off as “mommy anxiety” ~ you know that “no one is good enough for my son” thing…  I knew that was silly and I set aside that nagging discomfort.  Or I tried to, anyway.  The mommy radar kept sending me negative feelings about that one, though.  Those “bad vibes” never went away and in the end, sadly, I was right.  She turned out to be quite a piece of work.

Not so, this time.  When I first heard of her, I had a slight brush of mild anxiety.  He’d broken up with the other girl not too terribly long ago and there was still a bit of that “no one is good enough for my son” thing… but to my surprise, it lasted all of 5 minutes!  Suddenly, I felt very at peace about this one.  After a few weeks, I still do.  I hear in SoldierBoy’s voice and detect in his writing a peace and a joy that I’ve never heard before.  I sense that she is everything he thinks she is.  I have been praying for his future spouse for forever, but I’ve been praying a lot more over the last year or so.  I wonder if those feelings (negative about the one, positive about this one) have anything to do with that.  God knows I am anxious about my kids getting married, i.e. marrying good people, marrying Catholics (let’s face it, if you are on common ground in faith, everything else is that much easier) marrying some one nice, kind, loving, someone who is from a large family who will give me lots of grandkids 😀 and all the rest.

He has met her family and that seems to have been a great experience all around. Well, as he said, he “sort of” met her family… she comes from

“…a big, Mexican family, meaning that she has about 2,390,457,234,523,458,234,095 relatives … but I have met her parents and sisters [she has no brothers.]”

I love that! I love that she comes from a big family.  He comes from a fairly large family… well, at least our immediate family, so they have that in common!  (I wonder if she’s Catholic?)

He called her “the real deal” and said he wants Chief to meet her when he comes out!  Wowsa!

Now I am not jumping the gun here.  I am not suggesting that I can hear wedding bells, but you know… maybe I will soon.  The very best part of it all is that he has met a very, very nice girl.  After that last one, he needed to know that there are nice girls out there.


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10 Responses to Shopping and SoldierBoy

  1. Carla says:

    Yay for Outlet Mall shopping and especially for having an enjoyable time doing it!

    And double YAY for SoldierBoy meeting a nice girl! I had to chuckle at your anxiety of him dating turning into thoughts of wedding bells though. Now you’re not the one who will be anxious, but SoldierBoy instead!

    Oh and a big congrats to him for being on the promotion list!

  2. pattonhouse6 says:

    Fabulous on all counts. I’m so glad you and Em had a nice day and that SoldierBoy has met a nice gal. Dave is in your neck of the woods today…maybe you saw him after Mass? He’ll be there for another couple weeks. Hugs, Karen +AMDG+

  3. AmmieJo says:

    I can’t say how much I love internet shopping! It makes me happy in a way standing in a store does NOT!

    I’m so glad to hear SoldierBoy has met a nice girl! I think it is sweet he wants his dad to meet her. If you were making a trip out there, I bet he would love for you to meet her! As for the feeling…I think we can read our children. The things they say and the way they say them. And I think God gives us those “feelings” sometimes to help us make decisions. You may have been picking up on how SoldierBoy was really feeling.

    One day I’ll make it to Texas again and you can take me shopping! It’s always more fun with friends!

    • That whole shopping thing? One of the many reasons I love you! 🙂

      Yes, you might be right… maybe I did pick up on that or picked up on what he was enduring, but didn’t recognize what it was. Either way… he sounds genuinely happy and content and you know “the real deal” is saying a LOT from this kid! 😀

      Yes, I think I’ve determined that I WILL go to his graduation in December. I gotta meet this girl, too! 🙂

  4. KC says:

    I almost had to read that sentence about you enjoying shopping twice. Then I realized why! I’m so glad you both got out.

    Congrats to SoldierBoy. Oh, how neat that he’s met someone.

    • See, my dear readers? KC knows. I *really* don’t like shopping! I can’t express how much I love KC. Really and truly. But shopping is definitely one thing we don’t have in common! 😀

  5. Emily says:

    I had a good time too, I really needed to get out and you helped me. Thank you my friend!!!

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