7 Quick Takes (Vol. 52)



CarKiller’s appointment with the surgeon was changed from Wednesday to today.  The surgeon had an emergency and was called away from the office.  Hopefully there will be a plan later today.


A couple of days ago I realized I had to get back on the wagon and I started eating low-carb again.  I was just feeling drained and sluggish and I got tired of my fat arse.  I’m taking a very restricted approach to start and the scale tells me it’s working well already. (and yes, I realize some of what I see is “water weight”… but that’s okay with me.  Who needs to be bloated up with that much water?!)  I don’t feel or see what the scale tells me, but I am starting to feel a bit better in general.  I intended to get on the treadmill starting yesterday, but that start date has been moved to today.  I hope I can make the time without too much trouble.


I recently decided to drop the “52 Pair Plunge” knit-along (kal) and to back out of a charity knitting group.  The  kal just made me a maniac and didn’t really offer me anything positive because it was just too much for me.  A pair a week is not realistic for me as a homeschooling mom with 4 kids at home.  It was discouraging and I felt like I was “failing” something that was meant to be fun.

The charity group was a mess.  The leader was controlling in ways that are not good when you are working with volunteers.  Controlling quality? fine.  setting standards for materials?  fine.  Jumping down someone’s throat when they have a question?  Not fine.  Deleting someone’s post before it hits the group and ragging on them in a private, off-list email (the deleted post contained a simple, possibly generous, offer of needles to the group ~ she said it was a “vent” [it wasn’t!])? Not fine.  Telling everyone they can’t post “religious” things, including prayer requests and then violating those terms yourself because you can and no one can censor your message?  Not fine. (there’s more, but I’ll stop now!)  Sure, it’s her group.  She can act however she wants.  I doubt I’m the first person she’s driven away with that behavior. Being away from THAT group has made me very happy ~ or at least being away from that leadership has.


Auditions for “Go, Dog, Go!” are Monday and Tuesday.  We previewed the script over the past couple of days.   It’s an interesting play.  I’m surprised they made that book into a play (well, musical).  Milky White and The Queen of Hearts plan to audition, but The Mad Hatter thinks she’ll just do tech stuff.  The Queen of Hearts will not accept a role in the ensemble, though, so if she is casted there, she will decline the part and do tech stuff, too.  The young woman who does the sound board told her that she’d teach her how to do that.


This past Tuesday, I attended RCIA with my friend, K.  She lives a couple of towns away and we went to a parish in her town.  Chief and I used to give talks on marriage and sexuality at the RCIA program in that parish.  The same lovely woman is still running the program and asked if Chief and I would be interested in speaking again.  (the last time we spoke there, a couple was so challenged by our talk that they went home, spent all night on the internet doing research and ended up changing their minds on contraception and went on to have a baby shortly after that.  The couple was brother and sister-in-law- to the director and she says everytime she sees her nephew she thinks, “You are here because of  [us].”  Of course, that’s not quite true, but it is really, really nice when you can see how God uses your service to bless others.)

I am looking forward to walking this road with K.  K’s oldest daughter, E, who is 22, went along with K to learn more about the Church, too.  The topic on Tuesday was “Faith”.  K and I will have to talk about Faith a bit more this weekend to round out the information given in the talk.

Please keep K in your prayers as she walks this road.  Pray for her discernment and her peace throughout the whole process.


CarKiller took his PT test yesterday ~ with permission from his doctor ~ and did splendidly.  He maxed the push ups and sit ups and got 90% on the run.  Not bad for a kid who hadn’t done PT in a month.  I guess those folks who had plenty to say about him being on profile for so long and getting out of PT and being a “bum” can just. shut. up. now!  He is good to go on the PT standard for a pass in October.  He spoke with an instructor who said the he could “guarantee” that CarKiller will not be on academic probation on the upcoming weekend.  There is only one more variable to account for.  If that works out, CarKiller will be home in a few weeks whether they let him come for convalescent leave or not.  I wish SoldierBoy could come home then, too, but that is the same time Chief is going to be out his way, so that would be silly.

Update:  Chief was able to get a ticket for the upcoming 4 day weekend for CarKiller!  Did you know that airlines (at least American Airlines) sell refundable tickets to/for soldier for normal prices?!  The refundable ones the rest of us get cost us ridiculous amounts of money.  I know it’s a tough business, so I kind of understand.  KUDOS to American Airlines for taking care of soldiers!!!!  So while we still aren’t certain that CarKiller will be allowed to come, we are set in case he is!


Hmmm.  Since I stopped posting as frequently as I had been, my blog stats have jumped.  You like it when I’m quiet, I see. 😀

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(Did anyone else notice that Volume 52 means a whole year’s worth of Quick Takes? Congrats, Jen!)

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7 Responses to 7 Quick Takes (Vol. 52)

  1. snowbabies says:

    You are one of the most faithful and beautiful people I know.
    I will pray for K. I went through RCIA in 1996. I always have a place in my heart for the conversion to the faith.
    Keep on praying for your son! what a trooper!

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    You are so lovely…and apparently, have been a GREAT blessing in spreading the JOYS of being to open to new life! God bless you!

  3. Lisa Sweet says:

    Good for you! The truth about love, marriage, sex, and openness to life is so beautiful, and your sharing it resulted in a new life!! How cool is that!! Way to go!

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