7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 51)


Another Random Edition

(which is kind of the point, right?)


I was pretty pleased that… Even though I don’t care about these things…. my blog stats rolled over 60,000 last night.


I realized that my pms symptoms have not actually disappeared as I started to believe.  I went from being a raving lunatic to being overly sensitive and paranoid.  Nice.


I have discovered that the disdain that I had for algebra in my youth has not changed one bit in my adulthood.  I am better at it now, but I still don’t like it one bit.   I’m tired of algebra. every. day.


I have not actually gotten started on the Holiday Grand Plan.  I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do.


I think I am ready to admit that 9am daily Mass does not work for our family.  With the combinations of ages and grades of students that we have (and have had for a number of years), with the sleep patterns of the preschooler, etc., etc., etc., I am considering attending another parish’s noon Mass at least a couple of times a week and giving myself a break from the guilt that I have for not showing up at my parish before 9am on M/W/F


I am really glad that Chief arrived home last night, safe and sound.


If I could pick a super power today, I think that it would be the ability to create a force field.  I would use it to place a shield of protection around my desk and other areas that seem to be the magnet for all kinds of random junk so that I would not have to clean it again and again and again.


bonus take:

I just wanted to mention that you don’t see male anatomy mounted on the hitches of trucks everywhere in Texas.  Thankfully, I’ve never seen it.  But you know, there are just some places in Texas that are “Weird” and seem to want to stay that way! 😀

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 51)

  1. Dawn says:

    So, I’m not the only one whose PMS symptoms linger until, when, then next round of PMS?

    Here’s the crappy part about Algebra: there’s no way around it, rules just have to be memorized. If I taught school again I would choose geometry over Algebra any day b/c at least Geometry builds on itself. I couldn’t make my Algebra (I or II) kids memorize the rules. It was all in their control. With Geometry I could at least guide them to the next step with hints and such…

    I don’t remember if I know where you live. It is in Austin? That would explain how you know about “Keep Austin Weird”.

    Are you really 44 like it says under your picture? Wow, I’m sure I won’t look that youthful when I’m 44. Not sure I do now, at 33….

    • LOL! Oh Dawn… do you not realize how selective I was in choosing that photo? Just enough backlighting to make it just shadowy enough without being completely dark… and I remember I had just come home from getting my hair done (which explains why it looks pretty good!) and my brows waxed… Yeah. I was selective… and it is NOT a new picture! Am I misrepresenting myself? Yeah, I guess so. But it’s my blog. LOL! Scroll down and look at the pics under “Godchildren Are a Blessing”… especially the last one… eeeeeep!!!!! But yes, I am 44. Born in 1965. You look quite young and beautiful, by the way!

      I really just don’t enjoy algebra. I don’t actually love geometry. I do know that I have to have some skill in both for my knitting and I have enough for that. Teaching it to (or bumbling through alongside) the kids will never be enjoyable to me…. I’ve yet to enjoy cleaning the toilet yet, either, but I keep doing it because it is mine to do.

      I’m further north than Austin… I live quite close to Fort Hood, actually. But that’s close enough to know!

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      God bless!

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