Just Checking In

There really isn’t a whole lot of anything (besides math) going on around here.   I already reported on the the new arrival in our group.  I did want to check in and mention what is happening “there.”

CarKiller went back to the clinic because after about 3 weeks of being “on profile” his symptoms have not improved… now I know you’re possibly thinking (like I was!) “Well, duh.  It’s a hernia.  It’s not going anywhere on its own!” And, of course, that is true, BUT he still has pain on both sides.  The hernia is only on one side.

He saw a different doctor this time (Thanks be to God!) who is taking his complaints more seriously.  CarKiller has been referred to a surgeon (civilian, so waiting on TriCare’s “approval”) to repair the hernia and the doc ordered more x-rays/scans/etc., to take another look at his hips.  He should not be having that kind of pain on both sides and this doc wants to get to the bottom of it.  And guess what?! THIS doctor did not, not even one time, suggest that CarKiller is somehow a “bad soldier” for coming into the clinic and not just “sucking it up” like the idiot doctor he saw before did.  Yeah.  Suck up a hernia.  Uh-huh.  Dimwit.  Anyway….

The surgery will probably be scheduled fairly soon.  Previous to this, the policy of the company has been to send soldiers (at least those who have 2 to 4 weeks of convalescent leave) home to recuperate, but there is a “rumor” that they are not doing that any longer.  That would be ridiculous if it is true.   Of course, this company has also started punishing soldiers who are on profile (they call it “motivation”) by not allowing them time off post if they don’t take the PT test. (A profile is a  “prescription” from a doc that limits or prohibits certain types of physical activity for ill or injured soldiers.  There are many slackers who will stub their toe and go to the doc to “get out of” PT and PT tests… it’s always been that way… and then there are those who are *actually* injured.  Yeah. Punish those guys, too.)  I am not sure how CarKiller can be “motivated” out of a hernia.  CarKiller is a good soldier.  He loves all of it.  He’s the guy who volunteers for every detail, spends his personal time helping other soldiers study, get ready for inspections, etc., takes fireguard shifts for guys who need to rest before they retake different tests… and they punish him for having a hernia.   Brilliant.  I think they need to send some *actual* drill sergeants back there.  They actually know how to train and motivate soldiers.  But no one asked me, so….

Yesterday at Adoration, I had a nice little visit with Our Lord.  I reminded him that on the Via Dolorosa,  his mother was there ~ He met her on the way.  While he was on the cross, his mother was there.  (I also spoke to His Mother about this!)  He needed her, she needed him.  I know this surgery is not the crucifixion, but still… I need CarKiller, CarKiller needs me.  I am hopeful that the convalescent leave will work out.  If not, I may have to take a trip!

God bless you!


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2 Responses to Just Checking In

  1. snowbabies says:

    praying for him to get relief from his pain ….and some time with his momma wouldn’t hurt!

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