7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 49)


The Random Edition


We’ve got the possibility of rain over the next 5 days.  We probably won’t get any and if we do, it won’t be 5 days worth, but anything will be great!  *Supposedly* our expected highs this weekend are only in the very upper 80’s!  It’s usually a few degrees off, but still….  cooler weather!


As we get close to what we call “fall”, not only does the weather begin to cool off (yeah, it was 102 yesterday, so?) but, of course, the allergens pick up.  Blech.  I woke up at 4 this morning with a splitting sinus/allergy headache. (Gotta love Allegra, though!)  I won’t be able to get back to sleep now and I will be dragging butt all day.


I am really excited about “Iraqi Bundles of Love.”  So is Chief!  I have 2 large boxes and a good sized plastic bin all stuffed full of yarn that I am bundling to send off.  I don’t think Chief ever thought he’s see the day when I’d willingly give up that stash!  I am not sure I did, either.  As I started to sort through it, I had little “tugs” on my knitter’s brain.  “Oh!  I was going to make X with that!” or “Gee that yarn would make a perfect afghan for the living room.  Look at the colors!” But I am being strong.  It’s being bundled.  The postage is going to kill me, but knowing it is going to folks who will appreciate it and will actually use it makes it all worth while!


We finally got Snow Leopard yesterday and got it installed.  It’s not got a lot of cool new features. A few, but not many.  It did free up 25gb of hard drive space, though!!  (no, the old OS didn’t use up that much more, it’s more complex than that)  I still get my TB drive. 🙂


CarKiller is not coming home this weekend.  *sniff*


Now that we have “cooler” weather, my truck is starting to act up.  My truck is 100% Texan.  It doesn’t like the cold.  Seriously.  When it is hot out, it’s fine (minus the a/c issue) but when it starts to cool off or is cold, the battery dies.  It just dies.  Wednesday night Chief jumped it and got it running again.  Yesterday, I did not use it until late in the day, but I knew it would be alright. I really did.  Why?  that 102° I mentioned.  It was nice and hot and it started up very nicely!  Weird.


Just when I thought I wouldn’t have 7 things for today…


I was on my back porch this morning to enjoy the cool weather and check email, do 7 Quick Takes, and pray.  When it’s not hot or cold out, I do that sometimes.  Sit out where it’s cool and quiet (until the neighbors rooster starts) and enjoy the predawn morning.

Just as I thought to put on the kettle for coffee, I heard this horrible noise.  I looked up to see a shadowy figure in the yard.  My cat.  With a bird.  In his jaw.  With the other cat looking on.  Poor bird! I ran into the house, completely freaked out.  I know, I know, it’s instinct and all that.  From time to time, the cats will bring a contribution to the pack? herd? Whatever we are to them…   I sure don’t want to see or hear the kill, though!  It was really traumatic for me.  But I have coffee now.  Coffee will fix it.  Coffee fixes just about everything!

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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 49)

  1. KC says:

    I’m sure it was traumatic for you but the image gave me a bit of a chuckle.

    Hope the day goes well for you.

    • My instinct was to rush at the cat and make him let go… but then the poor bird would have just been damaged and probably would have suffered a slow, painful death. I knew it was best just to high-tail it outta there and get some coffee.

      After I made the coffee, I peeked out through the back door. Apparently Tubby “got it.” He had moved his sport out of view.

      So glad you got a chuckle! Always glad to help!

  2. nicole says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I used to be a big NFL fan, but college football has really grown on me. It is just way more exciting, somehow.

    I have to admit too that I almost left the blog when I saw the Packers love, but I guess there’s room for fans of all kinds. 🙂 Naturally we are Cowboys fans up here.

  3. twortd says:

    TB drive? Is that related to the lung disease?

    Our neighbor is determined that our cat has gone into her barn and killed all the baby rabbits that lived there — she says she understands because it is “just nature” but of course she’s upset. I spent HOURS googling about cat hunting habits and fox hunting habits (there is a fox here) and bought a live trap to prove to myself, if not to her, that it was the fox and not my cat. Why? I don’t blame the cat if it is her. But I’m just sure it’s not. . . . .

    • Oooo, thankfully, no. It’s related to my hard drive. I get a whole TeraByte of storage to myself! Yippee.

      Oh those cats! I hope it is a fox that got the bunnies and not your cat.

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