My IBOL Bundles… P.I.E.

NO. Not Pie, P.I.E.! Photo Intense Entry. Now, on to the entry!

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Wow. I did it. I let go of A LOT of stash. Believe it or not, I think that as hard as it was to let some of the yarn stash go, my one, measly bundle of fabric was harder. Maybe because it was more like the widow’s mite. I gave them all of the fabric I had. It’s not THAT much, but it was all I had. Honestly, even though much of the yarn gave me pause as I went through it and packed it, it was from my abundance. I still have about as much yarn left. Nicer yarn. maybe even more than I bundled.

DSCN2367Sorry, I flipped this before I uploaded, but it flipped back in transit, I guess!

The bin and 2 boxes are only some of what I bundled.
There is another box, a much, much bigger box that I bundled as well.

Well, first, yarn is harder to bundle than fabric. I needed a plan for how to get this bundled. I asked IBOL Guy about it and of course, he was grateful for any donation, but told me that bundles really do work best. So… what to do? Ahhhh! Inspiration strikes!!!! Cheap (clearance is preferable!) pillowcases. And I found some at wallyworld! Not quite as lovely as some of the bundles I’ve seen on the IBOL site, but it worked. And those who benefit from this project will probably repurpose them. Nice.


so, i started with the pillowcase like this

Ack!  I almost forgot to mention my helpers!!!  This is "Milky White" (named for a character in a play she did)

Ack! I almost forgot to mention my helpers!!! This is "Milky White" (named for a character in a play she did)

The Mad Hatter also helped, but I didn’t get a picture of her helping with this project 😦 So I will share this one again.

"Get me away from this crazy lady!"

No? You want something new? Okay. It’s not really “new” but new to my blog(s). It’s actually almost a year old.. but I think it’s great. I know. My friends are going to think I’m off of my rocker. Maybe I am.


Yes. The Joker. NO. She did NOT see the movie!
Anyway, The Mad Hatter helped, too.

DSCN2357We really did think we were going to send it all in these boxes
Then we realized there was NO. WAY.
It would cost WAY too much.
You just can’t fit much yarn in those flat rate boxes.
Yarn just doesn’t weigh much, ya know?
Unless you have three 16X16X15 boxes.

That adds up.
So, While flat rate boxes make sense most of the time,
they didn’t make sense this time.

DSCN2358That is my lone fabric bundle.

I really like the fabric in there. It wasn’t expensive
Real seamstresses or quilters would probably laugh at me
But that’s okay.
I really, really liked it.
And I let it go.

But it’s all good!

OH! I almost forgot my other helpers! My package inspectors:


DSCN2371Tubby. Bird Murderer in predawn darkness,
Package Inspector by daylight.

Pre-Bundle Peek





You can’t see all the nicer stuff. I can’t remember all that I sent
I do remember some Wool-Ease
and a bunch of other stuff.
I’m really tired. I can’t remember.

Building Bundles




By the way, each bundle has a set of needles in it.
I suppose I should be honest and admit
that I did NOT let go of my own needle stash.
No, I didn’t share my Addi needles.
Instead, I bought some Boye needles when I  bought the pillow cases.

Here they are. The finished bundles! Wow!


What? No? You can’t grasp the enormity from that angle?

Okay. Here you go.


And, finally, a picture for Mr. Ibol Guy.

(If he comes here to see)


I have honored your request.
This thing was half-full.
He fell asleep in front of the TV
in an “ice cream-induced” sleep
or crash
or something.

That is almost the whole process. I will get a picture of the packed boxes tomorrow and add them to this post. If I remember.

(This entry cross-posted at my knitting blog)


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6 Responses to My IBOL Bundles… P.I.E.

  1. IBOL Guy says:


    • Mr. IBOL Guy, dude, if the kid in Afghanistan, pictured in his IBE, kevlar helmet, and pink “i-heart-ny” boxers, (and not much else!) behind sandbags with his weapon was assured that his “career” is safe, I think that you will fare equally well when the Star-Boys come to call.

      You and all your helpers and all your supporters over here rock!

  2. KC says:

    Wow! That’s wonderful.

    • It is really nice to know that it will go to someone who will use and appreciate it. It is really, really nice to know that it will be gone from my life for forever, too. You know how I keep STUFF. 🙂 Letting stuff go is so freeing!

  3. Carla says:

    Good Job, Knitter! Letting go of “stuff” is hard sometimes, but letting “material” things go (pun intended) is definitely freeing! You are super generous! 🙂

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