Whoa. Huh? Wait! It can’t be…. can it?

So, it’s a slow news day here at my house.  Sorry.

I am down to about a gig of free space on my hard drive.

How on earth did I do that?

Oh. Yeah. iTunes (I’ve only got about 85 days on there ~ really, that’s not that much.  my kids have loads more!), iPhoto, (20,000[+] pics and 350 videos) iMovie (3 projects), iDVD (only have one started at this point.)

I’ve never done that before. Ever. This is the largest drive I’ve ever had (apart from my external back up drive) I think I’ll ask Chief for a new hard drive for my computer for our anniversary.  Not exactly romantic… but I’m not exactly a mushy kind of girl.  Chief knows that and knows he doesn’t have to try to find diamonds or other jewelry.  He doesn’t have to bother with perfume or clothes  He knows what makes me happy.  New Birkenstocks, a new video camera, yarn/needles and now… a new hard drive.

Who knew that I would ever be able to fill up a hard drive? I wonder if they make a TB drive that fits my computer? Probably not.  500gb might have to do.

In the meanwhile, I think it is time to do a back up.

When was the last time you backed up your hard drive?


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2 Responses to Whoa. Huh? Wait! It can’t be…. can it?

  1. Randall says:

    Get a Network Attached Storage (NAS). They don’t cost that much are are about 1.5 TB.

    • Thanks for the tip… we have that on our router (not quite so much space, but it’s not small.) I need something that I can use no matter where I use my laptop, so upgrading the hard drive is the first step, I think. The 1TB hard drive doesn’t cost too much. Chief already found the best one for my MacBook Pro and it was surprisingly reasonable. Of course, it’s not an SSD.

      Thanks again!

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